Introductions and Icecapades

John didn't know what he was feeling... he felt as thou death's icy grip grabbed his very soul. John opened his eyes. The light seemed a little brighter. He looked down at his hands and saw long black finger tips and very pale hands. He also noticed he was taller and thinner. "What happened to me? Am I even human? Why do i feel this way."

John looked up and saw a very attractive woman by a mirror yell "Why am I a girl!" As John walked over to the mirror he noticed a very tall man with pointed ears then he noticed something shocking... a dragon. John keeps his eyes hidden so he won't anger anyone and then notices the clerks: a human and... a devil?

"What's going on here? Did it send me somewhere else? What are these people?" As John approached the mirror he shivered as he saw a pair of black eyes with red pupils eyes looking back at him. He also noticed he too has pointed ears. John was petrified at what he had become.

David frowns at the halfling's laughter, crossing her arms over her chest. Still, the little guy had a point. "I don't know..." She frowns. She always hated having to come up with character names on the spot. She reached out, trying to think of something that sounded suitably..Eladrin-esque and feminine enough that it wouldn't put the little guy into conniptions when he heard it. "Allyria? Is that less amusing?"

"David is not sexy..." replies the tiefling clerk. "Allyria though... nice. I'd hit it."


ZhuGaun came back to the table after having assembled is gear. "How much?" The tall forbidding but regal looking half-elf asked.

The man behind the counter grabbed the bag and placed it under the counter with a smile.

"I see." ZhuGuan smiled.

The former patient was now dressed in the green scale armor he had looked at earlier. He carried a glaive of immense size but seemed to handle it with little difficulty. He now carried a pack of gear with him as well.

"How about Davina," he offered the comely elf and the short lively halfling.

Done with his own shopping he remembered his manners. "I am Guan," he introduced himself to the others. "Half-elven apparently. Half-elven
warrior. Thank you so much for helping me outside earlier. I'm... not exactly sure which of you those might be though,"
he said looking at the new faces. "I was the invalid. You'll excuse me for not introducing myself earlier... I was paralyzed."

John thought back, "paralyzed?"

"Um.. hi I'm John" he jumped back as he talked; hearing himself sounding like a dry whisper.

Jared laughs yet again though oddly the laughter doesn't seem to reach his eyes as he looks over at the clerk. "He is right that name suits your current look much better."

"See, the little guy gets it..." says the tiefling clerk.

The human clerk covers his face in what appears to be disgust, "Shut up Lladnar..." he whispers.


ZhuGuan turns to the clerks, "How long have you two been down here and what can you tell us about what to expect?" ZhuGuan realizes he probably should've asked this before he spent all his gold.

Vicky felt the swirling mists reach out for her, touch her, and do something to her. First and foremost, she felt fantastic. A part of her rational brain tried to complain that there was some kind of illusion causing this feeling of euphoria, but the rest of her just wanted to go along with it. She couldn't see what was happening to herself, but she could feel it. It was by far the most amazing and alien feeling she had ever had.

As the mists worked its magic, she felt something happen in her mind too. Years of studies on anatomy and medicine seemed to leak out of her brain. She remembered attending lectures, but she couldn't for the life of her remember what they were about, save something about the body. Only the most basic first aid skills remained in her brain. Even through her euphoria, she felt she ought to be freaked out by having her brain vacuum-cleaned. However, before she could finish that thought, something else poured into her mind. It wasn't precise knowledge or studies, it was some sort of 'experience'. Not her own, but it felt real enough that she could make use of them.

Her hand instinctively closed. Something was missing. A sword hilt. A sword hilt? It didn't make sense, yet that was what her instincts told her. There was something else, possibly stranger. Her hand didn't feel like ... a hand. It felt thinner, much harder, stronger and had a pronounced claws at the end of each finger. Speaking of fingers, she could only feel four of them on each hand. And the strangest thing of it all... it didn't feel strange at all, it felt somehow natural.

Vicky gradually became aware of voices. She turned around, but couldn't see the source. They felt like they were coming from everywhere, and not static. They were dancing around her, getting stronger and weaker as she moved. 'Spirits', her experience supplied. It felt like a different entity from the rest of her mind, but the two were quickly merging. Some of them felt close enough that she could reach them. 'You can', she heard herself think. 'Many of their powers are at your disposal.'

Power. She could feel it. She would never again have to watch someone get slaughtered while watching helplessly. It felt great. It felt scary, too. If she wanted to stop someone getting slaughtered, she would actually have to attack the attackers herself, which meant killing them. Was that right? She would have to make that decision when she found herself in such a situation.

She emerged from the swirling mists into what looked like some kind of weird shop. It appeared to be full of strange creatures of many kinds. A scaly, big creature. 'A dragonborn', her mind supplied. A girl that looked... well... like she might work in a porn magazine. 'An eladrin'. A short creature darting from shelve to shelve, out of view most of the time. 'A halfling'. She knew what they were, somehow.

Speaking of which ... what was she herself? She had felt the changes, but afterwards she had just felt ... well, natural. As natural as a human, except for the human part. She looked down. Actually, she didn't even have to look that far, a fair part of her lower vision was covered by a big object. 'My beak'. Raising her hand, she could clearly see the talon now. Her arm were covered by black feathers, like a raven. It was hard to tell through the feathers, but it felt strong. She was still wearing the orange prison clothes, but they felt baggy and too big now. Her feet ended in talons. She could half-remember discarding her useless shoes somewhere in the mists. It hadn't seemed important at that point.

'I am a kenku', she thought. 'This is a second chance'.

She walked up to the others, and listened to their introductions. 'They are the people from earlier -- in at least one sense of the word. As I am still myself, but also something more.' "Hi, I don't think I introduced myself earlier. My name is Vicky," she said to the others, making a slight curtsy. She spoke with the exact same voice as she had done when she was human. It didn't feel like her real voice, it was just something she was mimicking.

"With that said, the name does feel a bit strange now," she added.

Ace V. Tellers

Ace didn't even fully understand the change until a bit later. He seemed to stay around the same height and weight. As for age, that...was tricky to determine when he got a look at his reflection. For a brief moment, he thought he looked into some room showing "Steve Carell playing Michael Scott dressed as some demonic monster," but it was shockingly clear, it was his own visage.

At first, he thought he had scales. On second glance, it was more a different shading of his (new) skin; his more angular face (sporting pointier ears) also had increased "freckles" now more patterned "spots" on his temples and his sides. Interestingly enough, when the light hit it just so, there were parts of his face-almost patches-that looked almost like his original human color briefly...almost.
His hair seemed (almost) like it was, yet, somehow, he knew it was "wrong" almost constantly moving ever so slightly.
It wrongness now extended (somehow) because it looked as long and (almost) as humanly styled instead of shaved/
that's a "Friar Tuck" style like this
tonsured and/or /braided down the back of his head like some monk. His chin sported a vertical rectangle of a soul patch, as best as he could understand it innately beyond "facial hair." His nose was more flattened and the nostrils more elongated.
His eyes...that had changed the most. While he recognized himself staring back, the look and visage of them was completely alien. If he met himself like this when he was human, one look into those eyes would have terrified him, so unfamiliar looking they were resembling human eyes. He might even have run screaming it wanted to suck his brains out of his head!

Steeling himself somehow from this new "shocker of shockers," "Ace" went forward. It almost wasn't surprising when the pointy-eared female cried out in a foreign language, somebody asked if she was all right, and he replied in Elven, knowing the language fluently.

It's alright. That change Snap-To was mentioning, this is it. We've apparently all changed into different uhh...umm...beings.
something in a foreign language"

Odd. Normally, he would have felt at home if immediately improvising another "character," but something with his cognitive mind. While he perceived things that he never would have gotten just minutes ago, it felt like there was almost a very fine sheen in his logical thought process, just ever-so-slightly clouding his concluding thoughts, but (again oddly enough,) not his intuitive ones.

Embarrassingly too, he felt a sexual charge towards the look of the comely (and very shapely) elven female. He actually sensed he also had a magnetism he could now influence on others, and consciously kept that down, remembering that people weren't just the same race anymore, but some also a newly changed sex.

Why do I just know nobody ever again when meeting me will ever ask, "Who?" 'I gotta control this!

While seemingly like an awkward pause there for minutes, the (internal) events only lasted a few seconds.

"Ace" then went up to the counter, not even realizing he had taken out paper and writing tools, and finished updating a list. He heard himself muttering,
"I accept your blessing," and felt a strange boon, and saw the pouch he knew was his slightly lower as if gold disappeared. Going to the devil-looking one (who seemed aptly more competent there even though he was looking at demon porn,) Ace spoke again.

"I need these items on the list here if you have them in stock."
On the paper were written the following items:
  • Lifedrinker Short Sword+1
  • Targeting Shortbow +1
  • Darkleaf Leather Armor +1
  • Amulet of Life +1
  • Eagle Eye Goggles (heroic tier)

Surrendering to proficiency he had no idea about, Ace continued,
"I also need a standard adventurer's kit, a quiver with thirty shortbow arrows, a climbers kit, a crowbar, camouflaged clothing and footpads, thieves' tools, one potion of healing, and a Holy Symbol that I was Fated to have. Please pack everything that is available into, on the hooks of, or tied to the straps of the backpack as needed.

If you need to write the name down to place any orders, place it under..."

Ace paused, wondering what his name was now. He had not called himself Steven in almost thirty years, and surely "Ace" was a bust in his acting career. He began to listen to that whisper of things he knew but didn't know why, and spoke with steely-determination as if this was him the most it ever was in his life,

"Hurm dar Rivek."

After finishing the transactions, Hurm walked over to where the other newcomers had gathered.

"As you have heard, I'm now Hurm dar Rivek. I don't understand how it works yet, but I know I'm something called a Githzerai. You knew me as Ace V. Tellers, but that name too was made up a long time ago. I was one of the people who aided you Guan, and you are welcome. All I ask is nobody judge us on how we first met, because I think whatever we were, it is not mostly now what we are...."

One of the patrons-eavesdropping on the conversation-fails to pay attention to where she is going and slams into a shelf, causing a vase to fall rapidly from its top shelf. Hurm-without a momentary hesitation or thought-deftly, expertly, with his off-hand, catches the vase and places it on a lower shelf on one single sweep,

"...especially me."

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