Ace V. Tellers Journal (Entry One)

Ace V. Tellers Journal (Entry One)

Note to self: Falling like Hell through pitch black darkness, and think this would make a great scene for a movie....ahh dammit; they did that already in "Time Bandits," didn't they?

Hope I remember this, 'cause I can't write anything in darkness, or use my digital recorder...if if didn't fall out on the way down....

And I doubt Ace will have his Earth stuff anyway when he lands.

Ace V. Tellers Journal (Entry Two)

Landed on some papers? There are several others, five or six. One appears to be dying. I think I see a giant body here. Is that six or seven now: one dying one dead? It doesn't smell, so maybe it's some sort of prop. No this is real, it's some reality "event" here. I need to tell everybody what is going on and figure out what to do next, where to go, and pitch the "Time Bandits" travel thing I went through; it's been enough decades so they'll think it's original.

Like I'll ever see home again. I'll likely die in whatever thing this is before I ever get to go home.

Ace V. Tellers Journal (Entry Three)

Ace hastily wrote down one simple sentence, aptly summing up the outcome of him literally steps away from the random cave entrance,

Whatever happens, happens....

Ace V. Tellers Journal (Entry Four)

Ace feels the strangeness of the changes, then looks at himself in a reflective surface of the cave.

My God...what have I become?

In many ways, he feels faster and more agile, but has...just a bit of a fog in his memory that he didn't before. For a moment when he saw his reflection, he wondered why Michael Scott turned into some monster hybrid. How he could think so stupidly then he didn't know.

Why am I having some trouble thinking, yet I seem to understand better than I ever did? I feel stronger and more nimble, and even do I know that when I'm alone? Why are thoughts of swords and bows and armor and jewelery flowing through my head? I feel like I could run off into the desert and take on the Third Reich! This I hearing the other people...while inside this is this possible?!

Not even realizing fully what he just did,
please supply me with some writing material on the character if possible as this seems to be one of his shticks,
OOC "Ace" takes out something that looks like "pen and paper" and begins writing his thoughts next to what looks like his previously written entries (in his own handwriting.)

Ace V. Tellers Journal (Entry Five)

Muppet Babies. We're transported and transformed and I got a devil that's part of a duo reminding me of Randal Graves and Dante Hicks from the "Quick Stop's" "Clerks" (bad enough reminding me I worked as a night manager at a Circle K) spouting sex bullsh*t, saying the dungeon is like Clash of the Titans, Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones and the MOTHERFU*KING MUPPET BABIES!

I hope they're not telepathic, 'cause I want to kill that snot-nosed devil punk kid.

Okay, stay calm, you're stuck here in the store until everybody's done, or if you go off on your own, if could be worse. Remember, you're skilled now, and you got years in this idiot in former life experience. Just call him out...nicely as you can, and try getting the real beef. Maybe the other one is like Dante, except not given up and sh*t.

Hurm dar Rivek Journal (Entry Six)

Ace V. Tellers Hurm dar Rivek Journal (Entry Six)
Hurm dar Rivek hastily writes simply before it's too dark to do so,

And so, it continues....

Hurm dar Rivek Journal (Entry Seven)

Hurm dar Rivek Journal (Entry Eight)

Hurm dar Rivek when beginning the bonding process opens his journal, and (normally) writes.

I have accepted the attempt to begin bonding. I have made my prayers and will now attempt to open myself to The Winds of Change. As my creedo seems to be, I write once more: Whatever happens, happens....

He leaves his journal open to this last entry ready to record the events, whatever the outcome. After the bonding succeds and he explains the powers and his background, he continues writing,

I told them as much as I could. The rest is up to them. The more they tell me, the better the outcome for a good Winds of Change fit and I hope also a positive better personal outcome if I have to "tempt fate."

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