The New Arena Green Room

The New Arena Green Room

The last thread was getting rather large and, at least for me, took forever to load sometimes. So with the advent of the new rules, let's start a new discussion thread, shall we?

So... anyone see Thor yet?

Ooh... fancy new threads.

No, I haven't seen the movie yet, just wanted to be the first to post here. *shrug* :/

Was the movie any good? The very first trailer I saw looked horrible.

My older brother saw and it said it was actually pretty decent. He is really into comics (he is to comics forums what I am to D&D forums ), so I tend to trust his opinion when it comes to the supers movies. I'm hoping to get to see it in theatres, but actually seeing movies in theatres these days is quite the rarity for me.

Thor was awesome. I saw it a week ago (it came early to Thailand, oddly). I thought it was one of the best superhero movies out there, on a par with Spider Man 2 and The Dark Knight.

My daughter got to go too, because when she was looking at the poster and I asked her who that was, she said "That's Thor!"

I was so proud.

Just an update -

Real life got in the way of my two gladiators being finished up. Hopefully over the weekend I can correct this issue.
Trying to get a second car legalized for our household, after replacing the clutch, the battery, and now the alternator I think it may be ready to drive out to get the new tires and then on to the inspection centers... I'll be glad when it's all over and driving.

I'm also questioning the wisdom of my archer - with the spell Arrow split changing arrows into masterwork (still not sure how THAT works, it reads to me that the new arrows are whatever they were before)

Here's what I have so far, maybe one of you veterans can give me some pointers or direction.

EDIT - oh, Half-elf is the race, and stats are
DEX 11
CON 11
INT 16
WIS 24
CHA 14

That's with a +2 Wis amulet to start - since I'm buying a +1 splitting bow right off the bat. I'm probably not going to be fully effective until ECL 12

The spell arrowsplit only works with masterwork arrows fired from a nonmagical bow, according to Ithamar. Otherwise, a magical bow makes any arrow fired magical, and thus an invalid target for the spell.

I was thinking of a few ideas about the new rules / component structure. Perhaps this should've been brought up months ago, but it only just occurred to me last night.

1) Consider allowing Theurge-Like PrC's, they just cost extra components. Your first 2 regular PrC's costs 1 component each, your 3+ regular PrC's cost 2 each. So what if Theurge PrC's cost 3 (or more)? Or just a bad idea to allow these types of PrC's at all? If we do allow Theurge PrC's, should all qualifications be met from a single side of the gestalt?

2) Any base class capable of casting 9th level spells costs 2 components instead of 1. Thus perhaps doing a very small bit help limit the power of full casters. Most builds could easily tolerate a single caster class on one side, but doing dual casting starts to get pricey.


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