David's Journal

David's Journal

Well...here I am. McKenna told me it was some kind of Live action dungeons and dragons game. I've never really done that before, but so far I'm impressed with the production quality...even if the NPCs seem kind of weird.

First off there's the other player characters. One of them looks just like Michael Scott from the Office. There's a woman but she's a bit old and not as slender as the girls I normally go for. She also seems a bit like one of those 'take charge' types so she seems pretty high strung. The guys are pretty nondescript...just your typical bunch of gamers I guess.

Anyway I'm about to build my character now...not really sure what I'll make, but it looks like they have a ton of costumes here to choose from.

I'm a chick. I have no idea how this happened. I didn't select 'female' at anytime in that cave. I was trying to make some kind of swashbuckling bard, and I ended up a dark haired seductress. My boobs are huge for an elf, or maybe they just seem huge from his angle. This whole thing feels like a big practical joke, its got McKenna written all over it. I just hope this isn't permanent. Women are fairly useless in these sorts of situations..

The others didn't get off much better. There's a halfling and a half-elf, that's easy enough. There's a dragonborn. Then it gets weird...there's an undead sort of eladrin, a githzerai, and the only other female is a talking crow. I guess the Monster Manual was fair game in that cave.

To add insult to injury, I'm out of money and my clothes turned into a dancer's outfit. I knew I shouldn't have accepted that ticket from McKenna.

At this rate we're going to be trapped down here forever. Every decision seems to need to go through committee...That doesn't really work for me, the sooner we get to the end of this dungeon, the sooner I can get my old body back. Though from the sound of it, I might be the only person who has that as a priority. Even the chick who got turned into a black-feathered Big Bird seems to prefer being a bird to whatever her old life was. The guy with the terminal disease is obviously thrilled with being a half-elf. The dragonborn looks thrilled to be a dragon...perhaps too excited. Even the little halfling is pretty chipper about his lot. I guess it could be worse, I didn't end up some kind of half-zombie like the other eladrin...

We've gotten new missions from our sponsors. McKenna's doesn't really surprise me...it just confirms my suspicions that she knew exactly what she was getting me into. From the sound of it though, the others got pretty rough missions. I'm definitely going to try to do mine. An extra life beats dying in some unknown dungeon in the middle of nowhere.

We also got some kind of weird artifact called the Winds of Change. From the sound of it, its incredibly unstable (like everything else we've encountered so far). Still...the way they described it, it might be able to change aspects of our new bodies. In old school D&D, for some reason it took very powerful magic, like divine intervention, to undo the 'change sex' curses that adventurers sometimes stumbled upon. I'm hoping this artifact qualifies as 'very powerful magic'. From the sound of it, it does. But then, I'm worried that if someone bumbles into it without understanding the item, things could get worse. From the looks of us it seems like things couldn't get much worse, but there's always a way. Our revenant could end up a straight-up Romero zombie or the kenku might turn into a simple raven. And if I think being some elven maiden is awkward, think how much worse it'd be to be a nymph or even something simple like going up a cup size or two (I'm already starting to understand McKenna's complaints about back problems as it is).

Worst case scenarios, I know, but something to keep in mind as we decide what to do with this thing.

The good news is we've found some sort of sentient artifact that could potentially 'rewrite' us. The bad news is...there's a walking corpse in the party and he wants back to normal about as much as I do. The problem is...this artifact is potentially dangerous and extremely powerful. It's also unpredictable and it has to bond with its user.

The revenant...well the transition into unlife seems to have left him a little...off. He talks about blood and killing a lot. Maybe he just put intelligence has his dump stat, to put it in D/D terms, but whatever it is...it makes me nervous. Having phenomenal cosmic power bind to what is essentially a living corpse seems like a really bad idea to me. No one else seems to care, but I don't think they understand that what the Winds of Change can do could affect all of us.

I'm going to see if I can get him to let me study it before he tries to bond with it...he seriously just tried to eat the thing so I'm not sure that I'll get the chance. Gods help us, I have a bad feeling about this.

I used the winds of change. At first I was elated, I seemed to turn into a guy but it didn't last. I tried it again the next morning...same thing. Only this time I think I went up a cup size or two for my efforts. Real funny, fate.

I'm a deva now...my mind is full of memories of a thousand other lifetimes..some male, some female...all of them familiar somehow. Its weird. I guess I have psionic abilities now. Unfortunately my gear doesn't fit right. This artifact seems pretty useless since it doesn't transform your equipment along with your body.

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