Bad Gary, No Biscuit!

Bad Gary, No Biscuit!

The Dead Man

- Directed and written by Gary Fletcher
- Unknown producer
- Stars Rudi Rother and Tim Ballenger. Tim is a darkly handsome actor with the sort of vague femininity that women find so appealing. Popular in the dark, brooding roles. Rudi is a large man in his mid-40s who specializes in 'eccentric' roles such as mad scientists, weirdo landlords, and other such roles. Rudi is an old friend of Gary's, so it's not surprising he's on the same movie.
- Someone is using Gary's movie to embed a strange magical or supernatural code. The code consists of arcane symbolism and other odd devices that could provoke a deep-seated unsettled or disturbed feeling in the viewer. When the movie is complete, it could provoke drastically deadly reactions in viewers. The extent is currently unknown.
-Could be that the symbolism and the associated magic effects are inherent in the play itself, and not the product of an external force. It's very possible that Gary has, again, stumbled upon something he does not understand.
- Gary found the play in the British Museum. It was written in the 1870s and is a philosophy of nihilism -- Nothing makes sense, and only when you realize that, everything makes sense. It involves witchcraft, zombies, undeath, suicide and murder, all manner of other symbolism. Gary's words sound suspiciously like he's nearing an Awakening or some other cosmic realization. Though it would be remarkably twisted if Gary Awakened. I don't think I'd prefer that. The author is anonymous.

Othello's Involvement

- Othello is somehow involved. Extent is unknown.

The Dead Man Cast & Staff

Gary Fletcher

- Director, writer

Rudi Rother

- Plays the lead's friend.

Tim Ballenger

- Plays the lead in Dead Man.

Jessica Daniels

- New actor from the West End.

Mary Mackenzie

- Prefers to be called "Mack." Likes grungy violinists. Really likes grungy violinists.

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