Seth Myers (Retired)

Background: From humble beginnings come the fabulous. Or more obnoxious Texas rednecks, depending on the situation. Seth fortunately, did not fall into the second category. Born to a “normal” family in a Texas town where for part of the year, God was replaced by High School football as the supreme being Seth was the quiet, artistic kid overshadowed by the gridiron achievements of his older brother.

Being so deeply in the closet that he'd practically found the door to Narnia didn't help much. But in a way, it was the catalyst for the “unusual” direction his life ended up taking. In his senior year of high school, Seth finally got the courage to try and express himself, and actually ended up “dating” (read, casual fooling around of awkward teenagers) a classmate he was attracted to. This lasted for all of a day before the very person he was enamored with ended up being one of the instigators of an after-school beat-down that left Seth wandering, soul entrapped within Pandemonium, the supposed very hell his “Sinful” behavior was supposed to condemn him to.

Ignoring the scourging winds, and the jeers of demons wearing the faces of peers and pastor, Seth marched onward through the landscape of Hell, towards a watchtower carved of Iron that was a beacon of salvation. Climbing it hurt worse than anything, forcing him to confront every time he held himself back, every time he tried to fit in even though it was another lie that kept him from being happy. Reaching the top of the tower (And a downtown storefront, climbing the fire escape in back), Seth signed his name upon the tower, and Awoke to the Path of the Mastigos, scourged and free of the lies he told himself for the sake of others.

What followed was a period of pained elation, free of the lies and satisfied for once with himself. Of course, without another to guide him, Seth also indulged his baser desires, getting petty revenge on some of his tormenters, and denying himself nothing to the detriment of wisdom, a pattern that would've continued to the breaking point had he not gone to New York to study music and dropped out to to take up Djing in the local club scene.

What began as casual flirtation with an attractive patron turned into a mentor and student relationship with a fellow Mastigos, a member of the Vox Draconis and follower of the Path of the Bene Ashmedai, mentor, lover, archenemy all rolled up into one. Walking the Road to Excess with his eyes on the Path to Wisdom, Seth re-examined himself and through that lense, helped others do much the same.

Unfortunately, the life of a mage is far from just sex, drugs and exploration of the higher self through decadence. Seth and his mentor (now “friends with benefits”) became embroiled in a conflict between the Magi of New York City, and a group of Seclesti calling themselves the Disciples of the Worms Below. The group, attempting to spread the influence of the Abyss via the network of NYC's subway tunnels and through there its transit system were tenacious, and in a battle where Seth was one of the few left standing, were put down.

Unfortunately, Seth's mentor was one of the casulties, and living in NYC became too much walking down streets that reminded him of too many late nights with friends he wouldn't see anymore, friends with whom he wouldn't share one more joke or drink, one more night dancing till dawn knocked on the door to remind everyone that a new day was coming, and even with life magic 12 hours straight of partying was a bit much.

Seth debated his options, and while the United States had numerous cities with an active nightlife, he had never been to Europe. Deciding to start with the UK, Seth is a recent immigrant, working as a nightclub DJ of some small degree of prominence amongst the local club scene. With the local mage society not featuring a heavy Vox Draconis presence, he's been content to hold back and try being “normal” for a while, but with the right stimulus would find it hard to resist getting back into the swing of things. After all, adrenaline is a hell of a drug.

Name:Seth Myers
Shadow Name: Taws Melek
Age at Awakening: 17
Path: Mastigos
Order: Silver Ladder
Legacy: Bene Ashmedai

Virtue:Charity- Seth sees most people as repressing themselves too much, too easy to lie to themselves and deny what they really want. He's willing to give others a helping hand to open up to others and themselves, and on less emotional terms, is the kind of guy who tips at the coffee place and gives spare change to the homeless.

Vice: Lust- Seth..likes to party. He likes to indulge, he likes to ****, and he's woken up in bed next to someone he barely recognizes from the night before a few more times than he'd like to count. It hasn't gotten him in TOO much trouble yet, but there's always the chance. At least they've all been attractive and not beer goggles cute.

Eye Color:Blue
Hair color: Naturally blond, but he tends to dye it various colours as the mood suits him. Considering the ammount of bleach and dye his hair's seen, it's a wonder he isn't bald.

Complexion:Fair, but doesn't quiet burn in the sun, just doesn't get very dark either.

Clothing: Seth dresses to impress, but impressing who is the question. His wardrobe runs from PVC and Leather that hugs like a second skin, to suits that would be shockingly conservative were it not for the image of people in improbable sexual positions illustrating his tie. He tends to favor iridescent blues, greens, and yellows when he can get away with it.

Figure:Seth has a gymnast's figure, more lean than muscular, mostly kept in shape through dancing and other “exertion.”. He's definitely attractive and knows it, but doesn't have the air of insufferability that others might get about it, prone more towards an easy smile than a smug one. He's also got a good bit of tattooing, mostly abstract signs implying goetic symbols, but nothing TOO “dangerous”. Because only an idiot would tattoo themselves with atlantean glyphs.

Accessories: Seth..can be a bit of a hog when it comes to accessories, but keeps mostly to a series of earrings running up the length of his right ear, and has both nipples pierced as well. Any jewelery he wears tends to have peacock motifs, and he has a pin that was a gift from his mentor he tends to prefer.

Personality: Seth tends to be someone who would be more suited to a party than an argument, indulging himself and others. But at the same time, he takes it VERY seriously. There are lines and boundaries he won't cross, some thrills too dark to indulge. He's confronted those in himself, and when he encounters those urges in others tries to either help them to work past them..or if that's not possible solve the problem in other ways. He can be a bit sarcasm prone, and although he'd never fully admit it still harbors a bit of shame about his “humble” origins, and when his accent slips out when he's stressed he usually tries to cover it up quickly.