Fenn na'Mevrain, Bitter Information Broker

Fenn na'Mevrain, Bitter Information Broker

Male Bothan Scout
Age: 41, Height: 1.6m, Weight: 54kg

So I was searching the SWAG and found a character portrait that looks shockingly like yours, except fully clothed. Tell me what you think. Link.

Also, I've editted your post a bit for formating. I'm kinda particular about that kind of thing... if you don't mind.

I like the detail of mine, but I like the full body clothed version of yours! So, that means I'll try to hunt out something with detail and clothing! lol!

1,500 Credits, Miniturized Field Kit, (Core-138, Scum & Villainy-40, Equipment Modification +500 credits)
25 Credits, Knife, (Core-122)
900 Credits, E-5 Carbine (Power pack included with weapon purchase), (Core-125)
90 Credits, License, Restricted: E-5 Carbine, (Core-119)
250 Credits, Comlink (Encypted), Earbud (Core-134)
100 Credits, Credit Chip (Core-134)
75 Credits, Power Packs: 3 (Core-139)
10 Credits, Liquid Cable Dispenser, (Core-138)
20 Credits, Syntherope, (Core-138)
5 Credits, Mesh Tape, (Core-139)

3,000 credits to start. Minus 2,975 Credits for equipment. 25 Credits to start play.
I'm about broke. I could use a loan for a ticket off this rock!!

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