R2-V8, Astromech Droid

So I'm trying to get some pilots for you to play around with, which I'm sure you've seen in the OOC thread. Meanwhile, I've had some thoughts on how to engage R2-V8 into an even more interesting character.

First, I think not having any Binary speakers could come as a plus more than a minus in the story. I'd like to see a frustrated R2-V8 forced to come up with some non traditional ways of communicating with the party, utilizing advanced droid charades and picking up random items to try to get his point across. I think we can create some pretty funny situations (or even misunderstandings) using that concept.

Second, I think that you may want to consider playing off of R2-V8's master limbo a bit more. Since he has been marooned before, I think he may have developed some attachment issues as far as fearing being master-less again. Though he is technically in the service of Jaina right now, being lent to Kiko may worry him, especially seeing as how I obviously do not plan on Jaina playing a major role in the future adventures. Let me know what you think. I'm not trying to intrude on your character development, but I think this angle would be good to make R2-V8 a bit more complex while still keeping the "service, non-freedom-seeking" aspects in place.

Yeah, I'm good with that! I was finding it difficult sometimes to post anything, but that's a good idea! I'll keep that in mind!


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