Kiko Salen, Human Scout

Kiko Salen, Human Scout

Female Human Scout
Age: 20, Height: 1.7m, Weight: 58kg

I think I'm pretty much ready in terms of above and my sheet. Unless you have a suggestion on what else to spend my creds on (credit breakdown is on the sheet).

A couple of notes:
- You haven't added the sheet to the game. If you could do that ASAP that would be great.
- Since your blaster pistols are identical, I suggest entering a simple "Blaster pistol" in the first weapon slot and "Blaster pistol x2" in the second slot with your two bonuses (or penalties for now) seperated by slashes like "-7/-7". That way you can use the sheetdice tags properly.
- High Galactic should be typed simply as "HighGalactic" without the space, or else the lang tags won't work properly.
- If you're having trouble choosing a destiny, remember that just the bonuses are being used. The group will share a secret destiny that will grant bonuses for good roleplaying and reaching significant plot points at the same time. See the "Rules and Guidelines" thread for details.

Otherwise she looks great!

Also, you should select a background from the RECG, as everyone else has one but I cannot seem to find yours. Even if it is as simple as Alderaan, which would give you some bonus class skills (likely Treat Injury and Persuasion, if you ever decide you need them) and High Galactic as a language.


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