Kiko Salen, Human Scout

I have a question as to what direction you're looking to take your character both short-term and long-term. What kind of situations and environments do you want to see as far as combat and skill encounters? What are your character's long-term and short-term goals? I'm trying to get this game rolling again full speed over the next month, so answering these questions should help both of us moving forward.

Alright, I like it. After this next adventure, I'll be sure to find a way to give Kiko the big reveal she deserves, no matter what direction you as players choose to go in. I have ambitious plans for two intertwined story arches coming up, and there will plenty of opportunities for you as players to choose your path, rather than the slightly "railroaded" direction I feel I've been pushing you lately.

As far as the parents things go, I'd like to flesh them out more, because there are a couple of scenes coming up they could possibly show up in. What are their feelings towards corporations, non-humans, and the Empire? You said they have become wealthy. Is it a result of the Empire's rise, or has it been harmed by it? Clearly they are not nobility, but I'm going to assume they are still rather powerful and influential on Alderaan. What are her feelings towards her parents? The vibe I get from the background is that she found them suffocating, but does she miss them?

Could you tell me about more about how corporations apply in the Star Wars universe? I'm not sure what kind of role(s) they play.

It's not that she misses them. Just more or less unresolved issues. So with that, maybe they were able to take advantage of the Empire's rise (maybe by exploiting the rebels' needs, i.e. supporting them but at a cost? which would give Kiko a connection to the rebels, and give her an extra reason to leave). As for non-humans, I'd say they're pretty neutral, though maybe focus a little too much on positive stereotypes. I"m just throwing these out as suggestions. If you have something in mind, let me know.

The Star Wars galaxy is filled with monopolistic intergalactic corporations, which, prior to the Clone Wars, had major influence in the government, even holding seats in the senate. Many of these corporations were run by non-humans, which was a major issue during the Clone Wars when the corporations ended up on the Separatist side. When the Empire came about, many of the non-human run corporations were nationalized and their non-human owners were sidelined, which was part of the rise of the xenophobia. This allowed the human run corporations in the Core to rise up and make loads of cash.

Basically, I think that since Kiko's family is wealthy but not nobility, a cause of that could be that they are shareholders/executives in a major, Human owned corporations that benefited from the Empire's policies.


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