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Survive the Room

Survive the Room

This game is set up were you can post one action based on what you are doing to try and escape from a room. I as the creator of the room will tell you what your action is. If your action injures you or kills you you are now a dead body that is left in the room and must wait for the next person to open another room. The way it works is whoever escapes the room that person creates the next room. The creator of the room can not play someone who is trapped in the room. The only other catch is you must name your character you use and talk in the 1st person. As if you were performing the action. If this sounds fun then give it your best shot.


What you see before you is an average sized bathroom. The wooden door has locked behind you and you hear the laughter of the drunken Scottish woman you tried to sleep with sliding a metal bar over the door trapping you inside. Looking around the bathroom you realize it was a mistake to come here at 3:00am in the morning all the way on top of a mountain in the middle of a thunderstorm. Looking out the window you realize it overlooks a 100 foot drop down a mountain. Checking yourself over for items you realize you left everything in your coat besides your wallet which was in your back pocket. Surveying the room you realize you are trapped. The door is locked and when you pulled your hand back you heard a faint buzzing noise coming from the other side of the door that sounded like electricity being hooked up. The lights flicker for a second as if something consuming a lot of power was plugged in. How will you escape?
Landlord: Madhatter

[B]Important Game Note[/B]
No editing your posts and do not double post. Wait for the reaction of your post t be typed by the Landlord. Who is what we will call the person in charge of the rooms. Basically the short term GM.

I open any and all drawers I can find, and place all the moveable items in the bathtub, or the floor if they don't fit.

There are only two drawers under the sink and opening them you happen to activate a trap. There is a bronze hand crossbow spring loaded with a barbed crossbow bolt wrapped in rusty razor wire. The crossbow fires the bolt straight into your chest and pierces 3 cm to the left of your heart. Falling backwards against the floor gasping and bleeding heavily from your chest. You realized that in the span of minutes you will die. Distracted by the crossbow bolt wrapped in barbed wire in your chest you failed to see inside the drawers. To the right of the crossbow is a gallon of bleach and behind that is a toilet scrub brush. Next to that is a 3 pack of unopened sponges.

OOC: Please state a name for your character. Also you realize you have to find someway to remove the bolt and stop the bleeding or you will die in 20 actions. At the end of your post please put the following.
Bleeding Out: 20
When you post the first one it is 20. Next post is 19, next is 18,17,16,16,etc...

((are we all bleeding to death, or just him? Because i would like to try))

(Just him. Each post is a direct action towards your character and will be stated with your character name. Hence why I told him to pick a character name. For instance if I log out tonight and come back tomorrow and 5 people have gone I will write one big Landlord post addressing each of you in different sections of the posts. I hope this idea picks up and please post as much as you want. This is only a little creative game to help pass some time in between posts from game.

name Scotty MacScotty.

Being a Scotsman myself I simply walk up to the door. "Excuse me, lass. But I find it to be quite silly that I am imprisoned here. After all, we are both from the bonny hills of Scotland. You and I? We should team up. It is the ENGLISH we should be fighting. THEY are the common enemy." I then take 2 steps back from the door, and one step to the right and calmly and politely wait for a response (so I am no longer in line with the door, should she decide to mess me up with a harpoon gun or something.)

Scotty MacScotty

The old response to your question is the sound of evil laughter and another door in the house slamming shut. The laughing fades.

Scotty MacScotty

I want to try to take the mirror off the wall (I would LIKE to stand off to the side in case of a trap, but I have no way of knowing there are traps)

Jeremy Wright

"Hey, you...Scottish guy. Could you give me a hand? I'm kinda bleeding to death. And we should totally work together to get out of here, if I survive this crossbow bolt. What kind of crazy b**** hides a loaded crossbow in her bathroom drawer anyway?"

Bleeding Out: 20

OOC: You can work together if need be. For the sake of gameplay somehow everyone fits in this room at the same time. Av Bloodbane I need you to describe how your character takes the mirror of the wall exactly. Ninja is Jeremy laying down on the floor?

Scotty McScotty\
Judging from the height and when you put your hands on the mirror to try and budge it you realize it will take some force to remove it from the wall. Trying to move it you can not budge it. Looking up you see a key taped to the light fixture above the mirror. Seems the key is taped inside the lightbulb housing.

Jeremy Wright
You continue to bleed out. The pain is strong and you are not sure if you are going to make it. Looking down you realize if you pull the crossbow bolt out the barbed wire will rip out flesh and cause you to bleed more.


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