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Survive the Room

OOC: When adding Equipment or items to your character do so like this please.
Equipment of Scotty McScotty
Ordinary Looking Key

OOC: Yeah, he's on the floor. Though I've never felt one personally, I'd imagine crossbow bolts pack an oomph.

Scotty Mac Scotty

Scotty takes the sponges from inside the cabinet as well as the soap from beside the sink. I use the soap to clean the wound and attempt to staunch the bleeding a bit with the sponge. I tell the man on the floor to hold the sponge like that while i look for a first aid kit (CAREFULLY)

I never stand directly in front of anything I open.

Scotty McScotty
After deciding to leave the key were it is you grab the sponges and use one. The sponge is thoroughly soaked with blood now. The soap dispenser next to the sink is made out of some metal material and when you squirt out the soap into the wound it cleans it but burns a little, after all it is antibacterial soap. Looking around the room you see only the items that are in the picture.

OOC: You have to tell me exactly what you are doing to search.

OOC: You said Equiptment of Scotty Mac Scotty

I assumed I had taken it.

Scotty mac Scotty.

I stand to the side of the mirror and take the key gently.

OOC: I was using that as an example. You still have to say what you are searching for and if you don't write the equipment at the end of your posts then you don't have it.

Scotty Mac Scotty


Jeremey Wright

I holds the sponge tight to the wound, and wince at the stinging effect of the soap.
I slide over to the wall (far from the window) to prop myself into a sitting position, and gently test the sharp piece of metal unfortunately embedded in my chest. "Listen, if she doesn't have a first aid kit, try looking around for a lighter or something. We'll need to pull this thing out and cauterize the wound before I die. I'm Jeremy, by the way. Who're you?"

Scotty Mac Scotty

"I'm Scotty MacScotty the Scotsman... From Scotland." The man replied, soaking the towel on the bathtub in the bathtub. He then covered his mouth with the wet rag while opening the pink and yellow bins at the far end of the room.

(The wet rag of course is to prevent me from breathing in smoke or poison)
Naturally i don't put it on if anything other then water comes out of the tap. if the tap is shooting lava I don't put that anywhere near my face.


Ordinary looking key
Wet towel (for breathing)

Jeremy Wright
You are now on 18 for your next bleeding out. Your wounds hurt and you still bleed out.

Scotty Mac Scotty
Water comes out of the tap freely and the towel wraps around your face with ease. You open the yellow bin and see it is full of white rice. It seems the rice is indeed fresh. Removing the lid upwards also activated a needle trap. The way it was aimed shot a needle out that stabbed you right through the left cheek and inbedded itself into one of your back teeth. You stumble and slip in the blood on the floor falling backwards. As you fall into the tub you hit your head on the metal fixture with the back of your head. You almost pass out but the pain in your mouth forces you to stay awake.


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