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Survive the Room


What is in the tub now, are there any curling irons, or straighteners? Is the curtain hanging on rings, or are they built into the curtain (mine are)

OOC: Scotty Mac Scotty is poisoned and laying passed out in the tub. The shower curtain is built into the metal rod that wraps around it but pieces of the curtain are missing. About 3 feet of shower curtain are missing. They are wrapped around the guy's hand who is missing fingers. You can not see any curling irons or straighteners. You know in the cupboard under the sink is a crossbow trap and 1 gallon of bleach. The soap and sponges are in the sink with the 30 caltrops.


Attempts to pull the guy out of the tub and set him carefully down on the floor making sure his airways are clear for breathing.

Samara grunts with the weight of Scotty Mac Scotty as she gets him down on the blood soaked floor. Having to lay him down on the legs of Jeremy Wright. Checking his airways she can feel him breathing if not somewhat raggedly. Judging from the sound of his breath she deduces that in 6 rounds he will be awake. Standing on her feet she surveys the bathroom wondering how she can use the items in it to her advantage.


Carefully grabs a towel knowing that everything i touch may be a trap. I attempt to use the towel to turn on only the hot water.

Grabbing the pink towel on the floor because the other one is in the hand of Antonio trying to stop his bleeding. Using the towel is tricky you manage to turn on the hot water. Within mere seconds it is pouring boiling hot water into the sink which has a sponge, a soap dispenser and 30 caltrops in it that are poisoned. You think that maybe it will get hot enough to cauterize a wound but after testing it with the towel you highly doubt this will work. The stopper in the sink is not down and you can attempt to fill it full of water if you want.

Scotty Mac Scotty
5 more rounds of sleep.

Antonio Romano
Wait... is that a window?!?
I look towards the area across from the sink.

Antonio Romano
You now have 18 rounds left before you bleed to death. You look out the glass window and see it opens up onto a small 10x10 stone porch that is slick and wet with water overlooking a 100ft drop down the side of a cliff type mountain terrain.

Scotty Mac Scotty
4 more rounds of sleep.

"Holy s***! What the hell is wrong with this place?"
I take a few deep breaths to focus my mind, something made slightly difficult by the fact that I'm bleeding to death, but I manage. "OK, there are four of us in here. I currently have a crossbow bolt wrapped in barbed wire stuck in my chest, and am most likely going to die. Tony has just lost the fingers in his left hand, and may die of blood loss as well. Scotty in unconscious for whatever reason, maybe a contact poison on the caltrops, and one more person, who has not yet given us her name. I don't think we'll have a chance to make it out of this insane bathroom unless we work together. First, we should make sure none of us bleeds to death. Then we've got to find a way out."
I slowly stand up and limp over to the shower. If nothing murders me on the way, I give the curtain an experimental tug.

Bleeding Out: 18

OOC: Ninja you forgot the name again. Please list your character's name in each post. Also if you remove the curtain please describe how you are doing it. For example do you grab it with just both hands and rip it off tugging and ripping as you will. Or do you carefully rip it from beneathe the metal so it comes off nicely.

Jeremy Wright
Nothing does murder you on the way. Though you find it difficult to step over the body of unconscience Scotty Mac Scotty. Tugging on the curtain reveals it is clamped inside the metal rod and one good tug will rip it off if you choose to do that. You notice in order to remove the curtain you have to slide the metal piece off it's brackets on the wall. Each bracket has 4 phillips head screws on it.

Scotty Mac Scotty
3 rounds until you awaken.

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