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Survive the Room

Blue the Thief

Blue quietly stands up, having been asleep (or unconscious...) in the corner. As he opens his eyes, he looks on at the scene in horror, before finally collecting himself and saying "Yeah, I think it might be best to get out of hear now. Wherever here is...."

Blue walks over to the window and attempts to open it.

Jeremy Wright

I grip the side of the curtain in both hands and tug, trying to tear it off the fixture. If I'm safe afterwards, I head back to my wall and sit down with the curtain.
"Does anyone have a lighter?"
Bleeding Out: 17

Antonio Romano
Nah, I don't have a lighter.
Seeing the other guy approach the window to open it, I step back away from it, careful to not touch anything that could kill me.
Bleed out 17

Scotty Mac Scotty
2 rounds until you awaken

Blue the Thief
The window is a sliding glass door and seems to be locked from the outside. The key hole looks like a normal house key would fit inside of it. Upon touching the handle though you depress a button on the other side of the handle. Having not seen it previously. The button shoots a spiked harpoon out of the floor and into your left foot. Screaming in horror you let go of the door handle. You are not stuck in place to the floor and your left foot can not move. The harpoon is barbed at the end and will be very hard to remove from your foot unless you cut the tip of. However you do notice in a flash of lightning that there is a rake, shovel, metal trashcan chained to the ground and what appears to be a gardening hoe on the ground of the back porch. If you could only get to the porch. Although the only way off the porch is down a 100ft cliff. You will bleed to death in 20 rounds.

Jeremy Wright
The curtain rips off the metal bar easily. Tearing in a couple sections you now have a shower curtain in your hands. Still bleeding you make your way back to the wall and sit down.

Antonio Romano
Avoiding the Window you stand by the sink and notice what is happening to everyone else. Your hand is killing you and your still bleeding out.

Antonio Romano

I swallow 1 morphine pill to subdue the pain.

Bleed out : 16

OOC: Lucky makes sure you keep track of your equipment. Anyone else who does not post their equipment with their post will now loose their equipment.

Antonio Romano
You feel much better and think you might be able to sleep. Looking at the bloody soaked Scotty on the floor you think then again I should stop from bleeding. Your hand tingles somewhat as if you want to scratch where your fingers used to be.

Scotty Mac Scotty
1 more round until you can Awaken. Ergo after next GM post you awaken.

Jeremy Wright

I don't know what the hell I'm doing, but I've got to get this thing out of my chest. Once it's out, I can use the curtain to bandage myself, but one thing at a time. Taking the curtain with me, I now head over to the sink. I wash both my hands with soap, to sterilize them, and then I lather some more soap on my right hand, to get it slick. Having done that, I grit my teeth, and use my left hand to pull at the wound, and my right to try and dig the bolt out from inside. It hurts.

Bleeding Out: 16
Shower Curtain
Crossbow bolt wrapped in barbed wire

Blue the Thief

"Oh sweet Jesus! My foot! I've been stabbed in the foot! Who the hell designed this room, Jigsaw?!" I hop frantically on his right leg, trying to stay balanced, and check to see if the harpoon is connected to anything.

Bleeding Out: 20
. Bloody spiked harpoon in left foot

Scotty Mac Scotty
You may now wake up.

Jeremy Wright
OOC: Roll me percentile. 50 or higher you pass out, 49 or lower you manage to pull the crossbow bolt out. Either way lose 10 of your bleeding out score. Meaning you have 6 rounds left to stop the bleeding or die.

Jeremy grits his teeth and with his soapy hand he unwraps the barbed wire. Tearing at the wound in the process and covering the sink and the front of his clothes with blood. Tugging the bolt out as best he could, thankful it missed his organs and did not pierce his back. The barbed wire comes freely and he sees blood spray the mirror as he pop the crossbow bolt out

Blue the Injured Thief
You hop around which only makes the pain worse. Kneeling down as best you can you see a hidden panel under the floor with some wires attached to what appears to be a spring powered harpoon gun. If you had a coat hanger or something a little less then a foot in length you could reach down an depress a button on the side of the trigger dislodging the harpoon from the mechanism but not your foot.

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 71

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