Region A: Longtail's Destiny


'Why, they're not attacking something this time,' Vicky happily observes. 'I guess not, lately I've been the more violent one,' she gloomily adds.

Deciding that there can be no harm in talking, she moves into the corridor until she spots the orc. 'Oh,' she thinks to herself, 'I guess I expected... something else.'

"Hi," Vicky calls out, not wanting to alarm the orc with her sudden appearance. "My name's Vicky. What's your name?"

"Turag. I'm called Turag." The orc gives the kenku a strange look. Most likely he has never seen a talking bird-woman before.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan stares down at Jared and places his hand on the top of the halfling's head and tries to push him into the floor. "Who are you calling an oaf!" He says with a grin.

ZhuGuan takes a good look at the orc before asking, "What are you doing here?" He wonders whether this orc knows of the kobolds from earlier or of Longtail before backing up to the rear of the group and watching the corner of the hallway. The trail of blood was not a good sign. Placing himself at the corner he keeps an eye on the open doorway as the others speak with the orc.


"No need to start with all the hard questions right away," Vicky tells the half-elf. She turns to the orc. "We've just slain a group of rats here, and want to take a rest now. You're welcome to come with us and share a meal. Perhaps we can share with each other what we know of this place as well."

"Rats are dead? Thank you. I am hungry - I will follow." responds Turag, still unsure if he wants to step out of the closet he has called a home for many hours now.

Guan looks the orc over briefly and then begins to look over the rest of the scene. He doesn't see an injury on the orc. No reason he can see to assume that the blood trail belongs to him. He also notices that the blood trail seems to either start or stop at the door to the room that Turag was in, but doesn't go inside the room with him. He can see that the spear has no blood on it, and the battle axe blade also appears clean, but he can't see the blade of the dagger in its sheathe. His armor looks neat and undamaged - almost like it hasn't seen combat before.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"Hard questions!?" ZhuGuan gives Vicky a confused and surprised look. "I suppose asking how someone got to where they are could be difficult... Maybe I'll start with the weather next time, or maybe what time of day, possibly what the color of blue is... No, that last one might actually be hard." His tone trips sarcasm as he keeps his postion watching the corridor.

"Turag, how long have you been in that closet and this dungeon?" He calls out without removing leaving his post.

John looks at the cowardly orc and hands him one of the rats he was carrying "What are you hiding from?" Full of questions and wanting more answers turns to the others. "Maybe we should wait until were all sitting down to talk more." John turns to the Turag "How do you feel about ogres?"

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Jared squirms around, his arms waving, under the pressure from Guan's hand. Then he stands seemingly happily as the others begin talking.... then he begins to scuff one foot backwards and forwards... cranes his neck to look at where Guan is standing... and then while the others talk to the orc, he trots over to the half-elf... "Is there anything in there..." He indicates the doorway with a nod.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"Not that i can tell," ZhuGuan he replies with a smile to Jared. "That doesn't mean much though. If you feel like sneaky-looking into that open door though I'd be careful about it. It's probably a better use of our time if we see there's anything useful in that room our cowardly lion is hiding in." He whispers the last part so as no to have it overheard by the orc.

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