Region A: Longtail's Destiny

"There is more to this dungeon than you could imagine Jared." answers Snap-On.

"Everything in life holds risk... why, just getting into a car you take a chance with your life. The real game is about how much risk you are willing to partake in." responds the Man in Black, "And that is where I thrive."

"Right... that's not creepy at all... The Winds of Change is a newly born artifact. I have studied my creation and I have yet to find anything dangerous to the wielder. It is sentient though, and I don't really know how it will react if it is displeased with the person it is bonded to. As for what benefits befall a Wild Mage - the bonded soul will be able to fill you in." Snap-On answers.

Jack glares at the Man in Black, doomed by his clear-cut logic. He put the sword away and swiped his letter in as offended a manner as he could manage.

"Don't think this means I'm going to agree to the quest," he informed the Man in Black, then opened the envelope. "As for the whole
Reference! Cookie goes to the first person to tell me what it's from in the OOC!
Windy Thing, I don't want it. I've got Deep Sashelas on my side."

Allyria - Eladrin Bard

Allyria opens her envelope and begins scanning its contents. It doesn't take her long, her eyes seem to absorb the information and her sharp mind internalizes it within seconds. Guess putting an 18 into intelligence is paying off...

Still, something the Man in Black mentions catches her attention and she glances up, curious. "The Winds of Change...can change us?" She purses her lips thoughtfully. This could be my ticket out of this skirt... She smiles at the thought but then frowns. Or it could just as easily make things worse..

She looks to the others. "I don't study wild magic, per se, but I do dabble in it. I...well the character I'm playing...she has made a study of all kinds of arcane magic and is pretty well versed in how it functions. It's possible I could unlock what this thing could do without putting us at too much risk.." All those points in Arcana might actually come in handy... She thinks to herself. She then looks to the rest of her party, waiting for any other ideas.

Soaking all the information in his mind John realized the man in black must be the equivalent of what
Snap=On never had second chance ring Leon gave up his
Snap-On was to him. John appeared inside and started to read what his mission was. He then looked at the bottle Hmm I took a chance and it turned me undead... I'll take it if no one else will." John started to realized "There were other people here Leon and Jimmy those sound like human names and they sound like they got out." John smiled at the thought of he may just get out of here alive...sort of.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

At the mention of the risk involved in 'getting into a car', Jared's smile freezes, all warmth seems to leach from his eyes, and the knuckles on the hand holding the letter whiten.

Without comment he snaps open his envelope and rips the page out, letting the now empty envelope fall to the floor. With a snare he begins to read whatever the letter contains.

Though he doesn't stop reading he does chip in about the Winds. "The magic I study is definitely not Wild... Allryia should take a look, see if she can work out who these Winds would best suit." His voice is flat and doesn't carry its usual cheer.

Hurm dar Rivek has that grim "no choice what I have to do if it's supposed to get any better" look he has had since his transformation; but for an instant, his expression about this worsens. He looks like he wants to ask something, then remembers the condition, and nods his head in acknowledgement.

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Jared snorts, and roughly shoves the paper so that it crumples into a wadded mess into a pocket of his cloak.

"You... what'd you call yourselves... sponsors? This is the way you get your kicks isn't it? Trapping, watching, and manipulating poor idiots like us." The halfling pulls his hood up so that his features disappear within its shadows as he sits on the floor opposite the door, and leans against the wall.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan's eyes widen as he finishes reading the slip in his envelope. An angry look crosses his face as his face becomes red with rage. "This! This is the exchange?! And what happens if we refuse?" With that he holds the slip to the fire of his torch and burns it to ash.

He looks to Jared, "Our sponsors are out to get us it seems. I say we kill them."

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Jared's head comes up at ZhuGuan's comment, and his hand moves to the rod at his belt. Then his head shakes.

"They are petty, voyeuristic, manipulators. But they brought us here, changed us... I doubt we could hurt them even if we tried." Jared's voice has been flat and emotionless, now it abruptly changed back to being more cheerful. "Anyway, there is no forfeit if we do not want to do the quest given. We don't get the ring," he shrugs. "We didn't know they existed before we came into this room. So... no loss to us. Not doing what they are trying to force you to may be the first way of getting back at them."

Jared reaches up and draws back his hood, revealing his ruddy and smiling face.

"Remember now we did all accept this fate I'm going to keep going and kill the ones that need to die i will see my father even just to punch him in the face. I also know I can't do this alone we might be strangers to each other but right now at this very second our fate are entwine and killing our sponsors is not going to get us closer to our goal." John stared at the floor as he talked he hoped that the feeling in his heart wasn't dead like the rest of him.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

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