Region A: Longtail's Destiny


"I'm not so sure that's a good idea," Vicky replies to Jared's question. "Even if they're sitting at a campfire, they ought to have noticed our torches. Since they're not reacting, I'm suspicious. Perhaps there are traps between us and them?"

John looked at Jared "That's a good idea. I really hope you don't get hurt."John laughed as he stared into Jared's eyes.


"I suggest we just walk boldly over there together... slowly, checking for traps along the way. If anyone have any better suggestion, I'm all ears."

Hurm looks on, straining his eyes against the darkness between him and them. He can make out 3 distinct shapes. Certainly humanoid with dark grey skin, but he can't make out much more detail due to the poor light and distance. He'll have to get closer if he wants a better look. He notices that they are barely moving at all. They are sitting, not perfectly still, but not really doing anything either...

ZhuGuan, half-elf
ZhuGuan's voice is calm. The non-event that was the dark door and relatively calm room after the clerk's shop has set his mind at ease. He doesn't, for now, believe things will be all that difficult down here. He had expected a much more grim introduction. So far it was easy going and his tension eased a bit.

"You mean, you're all beak but I agree with you let's head down and see what they're about," he looks toward the distant fire. "And sticking together wouldn't be the worst plan ever."

"You can still be sneaky if you want," he whispered to the halfling, "they might have a surprise for us. It might not hurt if we have a surprise for them too. You might want to hand that torch over to someone else though if you're going to try to stay out of sight. Just a suggestion," he grinned.

Jared chuckles. "I don't know, Vicky might really tell me off. We could just yell out to them, stay our ground and see what happens.

A dreaded thought reached John mind"What happens if just other adventures trapped in here. They might just be normal."John shivered at the thought of he may not be able to to kill them.

"Let thieves do as they do best: sneak. Everyone else, get your ranged weapons ready if you've got 'em. I'm ready to change right in there the second things go amiss." In truth, Jack was feeling the urge to fight pretty strongly. He looked at his current ensemble. If all you've got is a hammer...

Allyria - Eladrin Bard

Allyria peers at the humanoids in the distance. They still haven't seemed to make a move in their direction. It seems like the plan is starting to form, but just to clarify, she spoke. "Okay, so we all approach them calmly, with Bilbo here sneaking up in case we need an ace in the hole. If they don't want to kill us too terribly badly, I can probably talk us out of it."


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