Region A: Longtail's Destiny

Jack releases the orc, and moved to the back again. One side of him was embarrassed and frightened by his actions--he had never really raised his voice at anyone, not like that. But there, in a moment of primal urges, he was ready to kill for the information. Maybe being a dragonborn wasn't as good as...Ah, who was he kidding?

"Forget it, guys. Let's just figure it out for ourselves."

Allyria - Eladrin Bard

Allyria shrugs and nods to Jack. Still, whatever the orcs are afraid of, she isn't exactly anxious to see. She opts to stay back, near the edge of the torchlight, trying to conceal herself in the shadows as best she can. Her wider hips and new, top heavy torso mean that she isn't graceful by any means. Its a new sense of gravity and an awkward new body that only manages to avoid being clumsy by its natural, fey grace. Still, her new memory seems to have some sort of dabbling in many skills, and remaining out of sight is one of them. She does her best to blend in as the party continues.

Hurm feels a bunch of bloodthirsty orcs giving up is scarier than what they would "normally do." He gave up trying to understand how he knows this information, accepting it's destiny's outcome here. But he knows what he knows is how an orc would regularly react. When you have a bunch of bloodthirsty warriors chuckling at what will happen, and they're thoroughly whipped, that means something broke them...and this is what scared him.

Hurm moves to the shadows, awaiting an attack of...others besides what they see, and likely not orcs.


Vicky does not contribute very much to the 'conversation' with the orcs. Honestly, the ferocity of the newly transformed dragonborn scares her. More than anything, however, she's bothered by the orcs' reaction -- or lack of it. Though she can't understand the language, she guesses they say something like 'they will find out soon enough', judging by the following laughter.

The disease one of them appear to be suffering from bothers her. She tries to
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 10 (Total = 18)
Dice Roll:
d20 Results: 6 (Total = 14)
study them without getting closer, looking for symptoms on the other two as well. She tries to figure out what kind of sickness it is. 'Of all the dangers I expected here, diseases wasn't one of them,' she thinks to herself.

It seems that there's nothing much to do about the orcs at all. She looks towards the other end of the room. "Come with me," she motions to John. "I want to have a look at the rest of the room as well, to know our alternatives."

ZhuGuan, half-elf
The skill/save/ability check 'Diplomacy' was not found for 161291 Just because I like rolling dice.

ZhuGuan leans against his glaive rapping it with his fingers as he tries to figure out the oddness with the orcs. He would've thought that Jack's threat would have had some sort of effect. Clearly these orcs had given up on living already. ZhuGuan wasn't done with them yet though although it was apparent the party felt content to leave them be.

The stick didn't work, sugar didn't work, time for a bribe, he thought to himself.

"You guys look beat,"
he reaches into his backpack and pulls out a ration and hands it to the orcs. "If you're willing to tell us what's up ahead we can offer you food or maybe healing. This is probably your best -- and last -- chance to get revenge on whatever did this to you."

As he stared at the orcs and their fire a strange thought occured to him. I wonder what they're burning in that fire. There can't be wood down in this place. i wonder where they get their food. I wonder if they live in the dungeon or got stuck in it like we did. His thoughts ramble on as he waits.

As John walked behind Vicky being careful to shine the light so she could see any traps as thoughts started to swell in his mind he looks at Vicky. "If the dungeon can destroy minds like that and you heard that guy Snap-On say he died I think..." John smiled "blood is about to spill and were right in the middle of it." John hissed as he walked away from the orcs.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

Aside from an infection in his eye socket that looks extremely bad and life threatening if not treated soon, It looks like he is most likely suffering from Filth Fever. It's not normally life threatening, but combined with malnutrition and many other unsanitary factors down here in this dank dungeon, it is turning into a very advanced case.

The orcs stare at the food that ZhuGuan drops, but only for a moment. They look away from it and from the slayer with no real regard. Guan looks at the fire, curious to see what they constructed their fire from. It looks like they have crushed up some furniture and mixed it in with bits of cloth and a couple of clubs (possibly from fallen allies). Aside from their own weapons and clothes it doesn't look like they have much to sustain their fire for much longer than a few more hours unless they find something else to burn.

Vicky and John make their way to the other end of the room to see what else might be nearby. Jared, who had been itching to check it out already (and was trying to decide whether to blow his cover by lighting a torch) also joins the two of them. The first thing Vicky notices is an identical placard to the one she saw before. The symbol is that same unknown language. She then sees three doors.

One of the doors looks like it should head back into the room the shop is in. Or was in. The door has been opened and the inky blackness is covering the door. The other two doors are both closed and seem to lead to the north. That means that there are 4 possible exits from this large room not counting the two that they can't go back through.

ZhuGuan, half-elf
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ZhuGuan sighs at the assembled orcs and turns his back on them and heads over to the rest of the group. Before he leaves though he lights his own torch and heads over to the assembled group. Something tells me this keeps away a Grue, he smiled at the joke.

"Wouldn't budge," he mentions his failed attempts to negotiate as he walks by the party and shines his torch into the open doorway to the south.

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