Attack on Veir (II)

Attack on Veir (II)

Hey kids. This thread is for discussion about your actions in the Walking Home thread.

Jon: another AMF Arrow just got shot at you (before your turn) followed by three more arrows. AC (AMF and NPF).

working on it. I need to resolve those arrows first.

Juggernaut saves Veir from a lot of pain... and Eal has a retarded number of AoOs and a reach of 40ft currently.

i have no doubt. i've done everything i can to make veir hard to get AoOs on, i've seen way to many AoO builds and figured we would have some here.

I totally misread Juggernaut. It only helps you when you're moving through your foes square (like dancing through the square of a Huge or something). Good thing you tumbled.

umm, NPF doesnt affect his AC.

AMF will, but how do these arrows come? (IE - veir is flying and moving, how are they stopping in mid air close enough to affect him?)

AC in an AMF = 33.

I don't grok that question. They are arrows - they fly too.

k, you're going to take some arrow dmg. Immune to poison as an Ex, yes?


and yes, they fly too. i wasnt sure if the AMF somehow hung near me.

Also, am I right to figure these arrows are immediate actions?


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