Act 3, Scene 5: The Isle of the Misty Monks

Act 3, Scene 5: The Isle of the Misty Monks

The walk back to Västervik is as arduous as the walk out, but the swamps are quiet and the Orc's great encampment quickly fades from view. It is an hour before dusk when you return to the salt-sprayed town, when you head down to the ancient stone quay to inquire about a boat to take you out into the Forræderiske Øer [Treacherous Islands] you find many a captain willing to take you, grateful for your lighting of the ancient Lighthouse, but none that will set sail before the following dawn. Passage to the Island of the Misty Monks on the morning tide secured, you return to Kjorn's tavern to take dinner and rest for the morrow.

Dining on fish stew alongside the sailors and fishermen of Västervik tell how in years past many a pilgrim paid good coin for passage to and from the island where the Misty Monks reside. The name strikes you as one that was given rather thank chosen, but it seems apt enough, the monks are a reclusive order. Some say they are fearsome warriors, others that they are bookish and meek, hiding in the fog from the horrors of the world, but none can say for sure, neither the pilgrims or the monks ever stayed in Västervik longer than they had to.

The fog is thick as you set out the next morning, taking oars in a fishing boat setting out at dawn. The Isle of the Misty Monks is not far, but is much easier to find thanks to the Lighthouse. The fog is thick, but no matter how far you get you can clearly spot the Lighthouse behind you, which the Captain deftly uses to navigate the dangerous channels. By mid-morning you reach the Isle, but its high cliffs force you to circle around to the far side to make landfall.

On the far side you find a small dock, the wooden planks rotten with age. A trio of small ships were once moored to it, but their sails and hulls have long since rotted and all you can see are rough skeletons where they settled onto the shallow sands. When your boat can go no further you jump out into the surf, the water is cold as you make your way to shore. The Captain promises to return to the island's docks at nightfall each day, and tells you to light a bonfire when you wish him to land.

Ahead of you are a handful warehouses that fell apart long ago, and a long staircase leading up to the monastery proper. Seawater squelches out of your boots as you make your way up the long staircase. At the top you are greeted by a wall some fifteen feet high which once had a great oaken door in a painted archway. The painted splinters of the door crumble under your feet as you enter the great plaza. The plaza itself is empty, save for a wide ring of red paving stones in the center, and so wide that one of the great Legions of Vendhya could easily stand for inspection upon it. The plaza is surrounded by buildings the likes of which you have never seen, which would be beautiful if not for years of neglect, towers with great sloping tile roofs that reach high into the sky.

The monastery appears to be completely abandoned.

Grumbling at the state of water somehow making it into his body when it shouldn't be, Rune realizes he should have thought of a better way to have traveled, or invested in better boots. Greil, you should have carried me instead of letting me wade in this awful seawater. We're lucky I don't rust, or else we'd have major issues. Taking a look around, Rune attempts to make out if there is anything lurking anywhere near him, yet hidden from his sight.

As the group wades through the water Greil turns to the grumbling Warforged, If you rust because of some tide pools I take back everything I said about you. finally getting out Greil turns back to forward facing, What good would a hammer and chair be if it gets ruined because it got a little wet. he says with a low chuckle before moving onwards.

When the group sucessfully enters the monastary Greil is unusually quiet. His former training taking over he tries to take note of any disturbances to the area both natural and not. His shield still strapped to his arm as always, his hammer however he leaves dangling from his side, using his free hand to help him investigate.

At the threshold of the monastery Orion pauses in his stride. Clasping his hands together be bows low to the absent monks. "May your halls speak well of your wisdom, ancient masters."

A frigid wind howls around you as you walk into the plaza, a thin dusting of snow crunches under your feet. A gust of snow whips into your eye and screams in your ears and when you look again a half a dozen or more specters or other ghosts have materialized in the plaza and are rushing towards you. They look gaunt and pale, even black and blue in some places like men who died of starvation in winter or exposure to the elements.

As Orion nods his head in meditation at the monastery's gate he sees the ghosts rise from the broken flagstones. "Profane these sacred grounds no more!" he shouts, "Leave these hallowed halls to rest in the memory of their revered masters." As he crosses the pavement in the blink of an eye, and strikes out against the profane presence.

And here I was worried it would be a queit visit! Greil calls as he rushes forward following behind Orion. Keep up Runic, we can't have you falling behind here!

Greil rushes into the plaza to go toe to to with the largest of the shades, his swing goes wide but the draws the ghost's attention.

Orion also closes with the same ghost, and the monk manages to land his blow and in a flurry of kicks he also lands a a blow against another smaller ghost behind him who fades away after taking the hit.

The clawed ghost flies forward and disappears from view before something claws violently at Rune. One of the smaller ghosts flies towards Greil and claws at him, two others fly at Rune and one of them lands a blow. The frostbitten ghost attacks Greil with a gout of dark blue flames which lap around his shield and scorch him through his armor, the flames are cold rather than hot but it burns nonetheless.

Phase of the Sun; HP 73/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 0/9

Still annoyed from the walk through the swamp, and bogged down from water accumulating in his feet, Rune reacts a little too slowly to fight off the attacks of his foes. However, his body is attuned to the power of the Sun and as such, each enemy adjacent to him burns from his radiant brilliance. You may have managed to catch me off guard, however it shall not happen again. THAT I can promise you. Now, bow down before the brilliance of my Arcane arts or perish in the blinding light of my powers. Taking his daggers and stabbing at the Lithe ghost he still sees, Runes attempts to take him out to the best of his ability.

Watching as the other ghosts surround Rune, Orion turns to Greil. "Hold fast! I will aid our imperilled magus."

He then turns on his heels and darts back to the monastery entrance. His feel smack the broken flagstones as he crosses the courtyard before vaulting into the air just a few yards from the last ghost standing in front of Rune. Spinning in mid air he brings his foot up to the apex of the trajectory and brings it crashing down on the ghost, shattering the paving-stone beneath the spectre.


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