Act 3, Scene 5: The Isle of the Misty Monks

Stunned from the ghost's attack Greil nonetheless holds his ground, I'll be fine, just don't make me come over there! turning to the lithe ghost next to him, Get out of my way, this is between me and him!

Starlight emits from the sorcerer's armor causing the spirits around him to howl in pain, two of the thinner ghosts dissappear while the third screams as through being burned at the stake. Unfortunately when Rune tries to turn his blade to the invisible ghost it evades his magicked blade.

The hardy goliath shrugs off the frost and chill but is still unable to land his hammer upon his foe.

Orion deftly slides across the stone plaza to opposite where he bleives the remaining ghost next to Rune to be, and strikes hard. His belief proves correct, and he lands a devastating blow. Nonetheless he feels as though the ghost is not entirely there. But with every exchange the wise monk learns a little more about his foe, and this ghost is an angry one somehow bound to this place.

The ghost the reappears between Orion and Rune and attacks the sorcerer, clawing at his metal shell with both hands, its claws piercing the metal and finding the chinks in Rune's armored hide. Another clawed ghost appears through the north wall.

The lithe ghost next to Greil claws at the warden, its icy fingers drawing blood. Three more like it appear through the north and south walls of the plaza.

The cold in the air makes the frostbitten ghost in front of Greil seem a little stronger, but it is unable to reach the warden through his broad shield.

Phase of the Sun; HP 59/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 0/9

With his body still ringing from the last attack, Rune's eyes turn black before he summons up a fog to cover his body, granting him some respite from the attack from the Ghost in front of him. Despite your best effort to cause me harm, you shall not be able to deal deadly blows to me, I will stay strong and smite you. Prepare yourself to be amazed by the cosmos.

Exposing his now sharpened canines, Greil emits a low growl, hoping to focus his technique better, COME THEN! he shouts in a rough voice, I'm ready the goliath pauses lightly before bringing his hammer in a wide arc aimed at the quicker look ghost.

As Rune teleports out of the ghost's reach Orion circles around it, waiting for his opportunity to strike. Whispering in meditation he lashes out, driving the spectre back.

When the ghost grabs at Rune with its clawed hands the sorcerer dissolves into a gaseous form before teleporting out of the attacker's grasp. His dagger strikes true but slides through the ghosts incorporeal form, however it does sufferthe magical effects in full.

Greil swings his heavy hammer and smashes one of the smaller ghosts to bits and it disappears into the mists.

Stepping around the ghost in front of him Orion lashes out but the ghost evades his tackle.

The dazed ghost attempts to grab at Rune again, but only manages to land a single blow. On the other side of the plaza another clawed ghost flies towards Greil before disappearing, invisible claws rake at the warden drawing the littlest drop of blood.

The wispier ghost continue to swarm around Rune and Greil, only managing to deal minor blows to the sorcerer.

The larger frostbitten ghost continues to claw at Greil to no avail.

Phase of the Stars; THP 14 HP 44/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 0/9

Reeling from the onslaught of attacks from the ghosts that have surrounded Rune, he calls down the cosmos to blast two adversaries purifying light. You may have gotten past my defenses, but you will begin to feel my arcane might yet again. Attacking me will cause you pain afterwards and you will "die" again. Taking a moment, Rune's eyes turn white as he calls down the cosmos.

Through growls and rumblings Greil makes sure to grab the surrounding ghosts attention, only to then with feline grace sidestep to the other side of the frostbitten ghost, bringing his hammer down on it in retribution for it's actions towards him

Orion chuckles at his companion's bluster, "The dead do not heed threats." As he darts in and out of the fray he smiles, "The hold no love nor respect for the living, and must be merely put to rest." punching and kicking into the shapeless forms.

Rune takes a moment to steel himself before calling down the power of the heavens to assault the ghosts surrounding him, the nimbler ghost avoids the arcane forces, but the other takes the brunt of the attack and the heavenly energy causes it to howl.

Circling towards the edge of the courtyard, Greil brings his heavy hammer down on the blackened ghost like an executioner on a condemned man.

The ghosts pursue the warden, the clawed one takes flight and circles behind him and disappears from sight. Suddenly two unseens claws rake at Greil's back but his heavy hide deflects one of them and he simply ignores the other.

A pair of smaller ghosts swarm Greil, but none get past his broad shield and heavy armor. Another four swarm arond Rune and Orion, the sorcerer takes a blow and the monk takes two as they are encircled.

The frostbitten ghost turns to face Greil, and tries to summon again a gout of black flame, but the goliath simply raises his shield and the fires deflect harmlessly into the air.


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