Act 3, Scene 5: The Isle of the Misty Monks

Phase of the Stars; THP 8 HP 66/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 1/9

Having called down the cosmos and hitting one of the undead, Rune becomes hardier and ready to take on the next attack that they throw at him. You may have managed to get me to run away, but it will not be for long. You shall never exist again. Drawing upon the magical core bestowed upon him by the cosmos, Rune's eyes change to a deep blue and calls force a ray of energy to burn the ghost who hit him last.

Surrounded by the raging ghosts Orion lashes out on all sides, his rapid strikes dispersing the ethereal being hit by hit. As they disperse in blue whisps he dart's through their undead smoke, returning to Greil's side to help the surrounded warrior.

With growls and roars Greil continues to keep the ghosts attention on him. Noticing Orions arrival the Goliath bears his fangs, lets clean this place Monk!

Rune's blast of energy destroys one of the smaller ghosts and keeps his back to the wall lest any more appear.

The warden continues to bait the ghosts and swings his heavy hammer at the blackened ghost, the swing hits and you hear a sound like a man splitting a block of ice with a chisel and thick black blood begins to seep slowly from the horror's wounds.

Orion's arms and legs strike out in all directions, plunging feet and fists straight through the specters that have encircled him, they howl and vanish. Free from the ghosts, he dashes across the plaza to aid the surrounded warden.

The ghost that vanished behind Greil reappears right behind him and claws at him, trying to grab hold. But it only manages to claw at him with a single ghostly hand.

On the other side of the warden, the pair of scrawnier ghosts claw at Greil as well, but he bats their blows away without much effort. With another gust of cold wind three more ghosts fly towards you through the walls of the plaza.

Beaten and oozing what looks like the congealed blood of frozen corpse the Frostbitten Ghost grabs Greil by the shoulder and sinks its icy claws deep into the goliath's flesh.

Phase of the Stars; THP 8 HP 66/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 1/9

Feeling emboldened by his most recent success with returning a ghost to his original death, Rune surveys the area and attempts to hold off the enemy ghosts before they converge on his allies. Despite how I feel about you, I still need you around to draw attack fire as my overly large and rather slow meat shield. Stay in combat with those ghosts and I shall take care of ones that are coming even closer. Tapping into his magical core, Rune's eyes change to yellow and he lets forth a pulse of bright yellow energy at the closest ghost not adjacent to his meat shield, and then walks backwards to keep the ghosts in sight but at a respectable distance.

HP 75/85 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 23 Ref 26 Will 26 Surges Used 0/8

The ghosts between them caught in a pincer, Orion strikes out as Griel buckles down to weather the storm of blows. The phantasms are only just aware of the monks presence before he strikes out, dispersing them into the cold misty air.

Greil Silex Hp 62/122 Ac: 30 Fort: 25 Ref: 21 Will: 23 Surges: 0/14 Burliness: Very

Taking the opportunity before him, Greil continues raining blows. His latest taking advantage of the reflexes granted to him by the primal spirits

A bolt of lightning snaps from Rune to one of the lithe ghosts, electrocuting the specter as the sorcerer slinks along the wall.

Greil's taunts hold the attentions of the vengeful ghosts, and he leaps at the black ghost, bringing his hammer down swiftly on the ghost, causing chips of ice and thick black blood to fly all over.

The monk continues to fight with unflinching speed and unerring accuracy as he strikes at the center of the three ghosts next to him, wounding the largest and shattering the other two.

The clawed ghost behind Greil tries again to grab the warden in its icy claws, only for the goliath to shrug off one of its attacks and only take a single blow.

With only two of the smaller ghosts remaining, they fly across the center of the plaza and sink their claws deep into Orion's flank, claws ripping through the monk's clothes.

Battered and wounded, the frostbite covered ghost continues to fight against Greil, its long ice covered claws making it past his shield and through his armor.

Phase of the Stars; THP 8 HP 66/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 1/9

Seeing the ghosts disappear, one by one from the aide of the monk's attacks, Rune turns to look at the one causing his meat shield the most trouble. Greil, you truly must stop being a pincushion for these ghosts. Must I always bail you out? Channeling the power of the Stars, his body lights up and a blast of psychic energy attacks the cold one.

Greil Silex 60/122 AC 37 Fort 27 Ref 23 Will 25 Surges used 1/14

with a cough of blood Greil almost lets Rune's comments escape him, Wouldn't, wouldn't want you to feel left out of he coughs twice but the warden holds fast. Knowing his allies have his back he takes a moment to raise his shield keeping on the defense for a second. Don't get too comfortable haunts, I'll pound you back to the remains you came from


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