Act 3, Scene 5: The Isle of the Misty Monks

HP 62/85 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 23 Ref 26 Will 26 Surges Used 0/8

As the ghosts beside him vanish an a hail of feet and fists more arrive from behind. Their spectral claws scrape and scratch at Orion but he continues his forms, dispersing the specters back to the mist.

'"Get out of their, Greil!" Orion shouts as he circles the ghosts.

The blackened ice-covered ghost ignores the brilliant starlight summoned by the metallic sorcerer hiding in the corner.

Battered and bloodied by the onslaught of specters takes a moment to gather himself while he still taunts the haunted souls.

Behind the warden, Orion spins like a great hurricane, the two smaller ghosts dissolve into air as the monk plunges his fists straight through them and his wiry leg hits the frostbitten ghost right in the side of the head. With a loud crack the ghosts head separates from its body and flies into the stone wall. Body and head shatter into hundreds of pieces and melt into piles of thick black blood.

The last remaining ghost howls and the cold wind gusts violently, it flees north across a small bridge into a small forest.

The air is now still as you look around the plaza, to the west is the massive pagoda that can only be the main Temple, to the south is the Monk's dormitory complex. To the northwest are the kitchens, smithy and other workshops, and to the north east a small bridge leads to a small grove of trees grown wild without care, beyond which you can spy a ruined tower.

Orion silently walks to the center of the courtyard and sits down, cross-legged and closed-eyed. His companions watch the monk as he sits there for minutes, in unmoving meditation.

Eventually he rises, turning to Greil and Rune. "Something terrible has happened here. The Brothers are gone, dead or forsaking their vows. We must learn what happened to them. But I would not brave the Temple before learning more of this tragedy. I would suggest the Brother's Cells first, for perhaps some kept a journal or prayer diary from which we can learn of the events that transpired."

taking a moment to tend to his wounds Greil listens to what Orion has to say. You know I'd say we should check the kitchens but the foods probably a bunch of vegetables and no meat. Once he has helped himself, Greil gets ready to travel to the next area. Alright Monk, I'll follow your lead on this one, just let me know what you need moved or smashed

Rune takes a soft cloth and buffs out a few scratches in his armor and Greil chews on a bit of jerked meat and a mouthful of sour ale while the monk meditates in the center of the plaza.

After a few minutes the monk rises slowly, he shakes off a chill and with a nod leads the way south into the Monk's Dormitories.

Where the plaza was empty and desolate the dormitories are in ruins. A dozen small rectangular buildings cover the terraces with half as many small gazebos in the spaces between. The stone paths are littered with stone tiles from the dormitories roofs, which look to have been shattered by a terrible storm of hail.

Searching through the building's you find very little, the monks had few possessions and you have yet to find any bodies. On one of the higher terraces, in the sparse quarters of one of the senior monks you open a wardrobe to find a single garment hanging on a wooden peg, a simple grey robe, well made and light as a feather.

During your search you come across a handful of diaries kept by some of the monks, flipping gently through the pages you learn little. Most entries detail daily happening, who won at sparring or shogi, the comings and goings of monks and pilgrims. What you do discover is that the final entries are all on the same date, just over a year ago.

Reading through the journals of the monks Orion turns to his companions. "The first battle of this war has already been fought. The Monks of the Misty Isle were the first casualties." He shakes his head and looks forlornly out at the courtyard. "They were attacked, over a year ago. I saw them in meditation, they were in the courtyard, meditating and practicing. The from the sky came the first volley of the Frost Trolls, hail the size of skulls and the swiftness of arrows. The monks were cut down where they stood and the evidence melted away. We must be careful, the enemy knows of this sanctuary." Then his head bowed in respect he silently departs the monks cells.

Cautiously looking to the sky, while raising his shield arm high, size of skulls eh? opting to try to keep a roof over his head Greil continues following Orion's lead, while trying to remember anything he might know about frost trolls in general. If they already have come this far why haven't they made it to the mainland yet? Greil wonders aloud, more confused than anything, I figure a big strong troll would just charge headlong into whatever it could until it either started making laps or got stopped by something. least that's what I would probably do in a war.

As the group departs towards the next area Greil tries to keep his eyes and ears sharp, the attack from the ghosts and Orion's manner arousing concern in the Goliath.

"I'm not sure they even came this far, my friend." Orion replies, "I only saw the effects of their wrath, the murderous hail. But not all perished, some took shelter from the hail; but there my sight ends." Then the monk stops in his tracks, "But I did see one escape the assault entirely. The monk who made these robes we found. He departed weeks before the storm came. Perhaps he knew? Or had other business in the wider World of Men. It is good news; whatever we may find here, the Order of the Misty Isle has not entirely perished from this world."

As they return to the courtyard Orion starts making his way before towards the kitchens, "Sustenance before secrets. The in the spiritual traditions what you will and will not do for your own self preservation is more powerful than the most secret of martial forms. These principles are also the hardest to understand and maintain in ones life. But we should be able to glean some knowledge from their scullery, perhaps more than their archives. I wonder if they made butter tea. It's been a long time since I had butter tea."

Seeing the destruction caused by the Frost Trolls and lack of evidence, Rune attempts to take a closer look into any arcane signatures there may have been left behind. Walking with Orion and Greil around the compound, Rune checks each room and hallway they pass for a tingling of magic, hoping the cosmos can lead him to answers. There must be something here that we cannot see, but can attempt to find from a magical standpoint. Perhaps it will lead us somewhere to help your visions Orion? I do not understand the need for sustenance, but I shall accompany you because I know Greil is incapable of going anywhere without attracting some kind of problems. With a shake of his head, and squeak of his arm, Rune follows along to the kitchens.

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