Act 3, Scene 5: The Isle of the Misty Monks

Leaving the dormitories the trio walks back across the empty plaza towards the kitchens. Like the dormitories the kitchens roof has dozens of holes from the heavy hail storm. Searching through the monk's larders you find only a handful of dried goods remaining, Orion is happy to discover a small barrel of tea still sealed against the weather. However it is not a variety he is familiar, it has a strong spicy note to the aroma. Elsewhere in the kitchen Greil opens a cabinet to find a dozen green bottles, breaking the red wax seal on one of them he talks a long swig and coughs violently. The liquid is a dark gold color and burns the wardens throat, taking a more gingerly sip he finds he rather likes smoky vanilla flavor of the liquor. Your examinations of the monk's kitchen shows that they ate a great deal of fish, there is a small cabinet for smoking and half a dozen large pots for frying. Looking out the windows you see a few terraces where it looks like the monk's tended goats and grew root vegetables.

A cold wind blows the door to the garden open violently.

Phase of the Stars; THP 0 HP 88/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 2/9

Knowing that he should have paid more attention to his master and the study of the arcane arts, Rune cannot help but feel a little out of place in this monastery. Something is lingering in this place that needs to be taken care of, but before he can do it, he feels that the sudden wind is rather ominous and turns his gaze to where it came from. We need to spend more time here and figure out the finer details of the hail storm. Greil, get ready for something happening and be prepared as my meat shield. That alcohol better not have hindered your abilities.

These dice sets were omitted or moved: 1d20+11

HP 85/85 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 23 Ref 26 Will 26 Surges Used 1/8

"Mmmm. It is perhaps the last of it's kind, for the keepers of the secrets of it's distillation are now passed. Orion walks around the kitchen examining the decaying utensils. "Hmm. There's not much left here. Let us take the tea and liquor and make our way to the Meditation grove. Perhaps there will be archives in the tower we saw."

As his picks up the barrel he turns to Griel, "You ever hear of that liquor before? What do you make of it?

Ac 30 Fort 25 Ref 21 Will 23 Hp 122/122 Surge 3/14

Hamper, shmamper don't worry your little bucket head, I'll be fine Greil grabs a barrel of the whiskey bottles and prepares to move as the cold air strikes. The flavors not bad Orion, got a good healthy kick to it he says looking to the doorway. Once we get through this and back to shore we shall have to have a drink to honor those already fallen Hefting his hammer he starts to pear around corners looking for something, he just doesn't know what

Orion takes a handful of the pungent tea and breaths deep, savoring its aroma. Just then you hear something outside, peering though the windows and doors of the kitchens you see three beasts that look like wolves covered in ice and another frozen looking ghost rushing towards you through the gates of the herb garden.

HP 85/85 THP 5 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 23 Ref 26 Will 26 Surges Used 1/8

Breathing deep of the fiery roasted tea smell Orion darts out into the herb garden, weaving deftly between the unattended plants. He makes straight for the lead wolf, delivering a high kick to send the beast sprawling.

Phase of the Stars; THP 0 HP 88/88 AP 1 AC 26 Fort 26 Ref 26 Will 27 Surges Used 2/9

Preparing himself for the onslaught of frozen enemies, Rune steps forward to lock eyes with the ghost. Seems there is more to the lingering Frost Troll magic to affect the enemies here than we originally thought. Greil, stop munching on your food and go forth and challenge some enemies. As Rune's eyes change to a light purple, his cosmic energy calls down a ray of starlight onto the ghost in a dazzling display of his powers.

Ac 30 Fort 25 Ref 21 Will 23 Hp: 122/122 Surges: 3/14

putting the bottle down Greil grins and coughs lightly, That's good stuff. taking off Greil continues into the courtyard. surveying the field he moves to be close to Orion. Upon getting close, he breathes deeply and calls, Let this garden grow! the plants surrounding him spring to life and even more surge up through the stonework creating a thick foliage around him. Come hunters we're ready looking around Greil is sure to keep a sharp eye on the surrounding area lest something sneak up on him

Seeing the wolves approaching, Orion dashes across the dead garden. Reaching one of the wolves slides in to kick the beast, but the wolf jumps out of the way.

Moving through the kitchen, Rune spots the ghost, he attempts to summon a burst of starlight to attack the ghost but fails.

Greil leaves the kitchen through the other door, moving swiftly across the frozen earth. Reaching wolves the warden stops and takes a deep breath, with a bellow the garden begins to grow. First herb and vegetables sprout in the neat rows like when the garden was tended by the Misty Monks, but it is quickly overgrown as the plants grow higher and higher into a veritable jungles of sprouts and stalks.

One of the wolves charges Orion, but the monk deftly sidesteps as the wolf leaps at his jugular.

The next wolf let out a howl that reverberates across the garden, bouncing off the painted stone walls. Orion and Greil are trapped in the icy wind of the wolf's howl, it chills them to the bone.

The third wolf rushes at Greil, he leaps over the warden's shield and grabs him by the throat knocking him to the ground.

Sprawled on the ground, Greil's eyes catch those of the screeching ghost, the eye contact causes him to shiver violently.

standing up Greil groans. alright pup, he wheezes out, you should know you can't attack the big dog head on.

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