Guide to Trinity City


Trinity City had its problems. With looser laws and regulations than any other city-state on the continent it has a reputation for being a place where gambling and drugs run rampant. On the other hand so does science, Trinity City is home to the leading cybernetic, bio-engineering and tesla-mechanics labs in the whole world. Trinity was experiencing one of the greatest booms in recorded history when the Sundering occurred. For a lot of people in Trinity City, it was merely the day their cell phones stopped working, for others it was the day their life changed forever. Dr Archibald Turner's decades old rift experiment had a critical problem, at 2:30am on October the ninth 2031 it blew a whole in the fabric of reality. In one bright flash of silver-green light Trinity City was changed forever. Thanks to Dr Turner's research the flawed but familiar world everyone knew was partially combined with elements of other dimensions. Everyone in the scientific community knew what the old coot was working on, so it wasn't hard to connect the dots when an explosion rocked the entire city-state. In some places the rifts manifested physically, miniature rips in the world, in other places elements of other worlds simply merged with parts of the City. Most striking of all, was the appearance of an entire a forest of ancient redwoods where the suburbs of Trinity were... and still are. The trees seeming to have integrated themselves into and around the buildings rather than destroying or replacing them.

One fundamental change brought about by the sundering was only immediately obvious to certain people. Those who suddenly felt a tingling deep inside them and soon found themselves able to affect the world around them and ways they had never dreamed possible, with magic. Some people grew scales in the wake of the explosion, while other found themselves able to perform feats of great dexterity or strength.

The year is 2032, no one celebrated halloween last year, approximately 2% of the population seem to be capable of performing feats of magic, the ancient forested suburbs are both protected and quarantined by law and crime rates have at least doubled.

Welcome to Trinity City, enjoy your stay!

World Project?

What is a World Project?

It's very similar to your average game on Myth-Weavers, with one key difference. Instead of a single group of adventurers working their way through an individual story, every person tries to make their way in the world individually. They use their own abilities and decide whether or not to pursue quests and bounties on their own steam or develop friendships to help them on their way.

Threads are made for static locations as well as specific events and tasks. Each character can obviously only be in one place at a time, so posts are made when a character leaves one location thread to head for another. Character progress in Trinity City is controlled by the mods (currently just myself) based on what the character has achieved. Characters start with relatively little and progress over time, gaining new abilities or upgrades to existing abilities.

Additionally there are no limitations to the number of characters that can be accepted into the project, content can be created to account for extra participation and many tasks will require more than one participant to begin with. Should there be no available tasks, characters can attempt to create their own by interacting with each other or NPCs.

The Nitty Gritty
"In this business there are only two things you need to remember. One, you do what the client tells you, as best you can. Two, you try your damnedest not to die in the process!" - Nigel Styx, Trinity City Workers Union.

Six Things to Keep in Mind

Freeform Role-Playing
In Trinity City, what happens once you attempt an action is at the discretion of the mods (currently just me). The standard posting pattern will be your character controlling their own actions until the point at which they interact with an NPC or a significant piece of the environment. No need to ask if you can flag down a waitress in a bar or open a door to a shop but anything above these levels of interaction is down to the mods to decide.

No God Modding
This should go without saying but I'm going to say it anyway. Do not post the responses of NPCs you don't control and especially don't control other people's characters without their permission. Keep your actions limited to the abilities you actually have, if you can fire lightning from your fingers don't assume you can leave a thread of it hanging in the air unless you have that ability. Punishment for this will depend on how badly you mess up .

Spelling and Grammar
This may be a big one for some of you, but you're not the only one playing in this little sandbox. Common courtesy dictates you keep your posts legible to the best of your ability. I don't have the time to comb your posts for grammar, spelling and punctuation problems. I'm not going to hang anyone for a ending a sentence with a preposition but I expect capitalisation and sentences that make sense.

No Killing
Not as a general rule, most of your NPCs will be fair game. However, don't go attempting to kill other players characters unless you have a fantastic reason for doing so. Character death, when it happens (ominous sounding, that) will be decided by whatever mod is involved when the situation arises. No reason you can't try to get someone arrested or black-listed from certain places though.

No Secrets in Trinity
Every ability your character has, every little piece about them should be in their profile thread. Unless you have a good reason not to let anyone who looks at your profile know that piece of information, it should be there. At the very least, the mods should know about all your abilities if not every detail of your characters past (because that could take a while :-p). This helps to ensure everything runs smoothly and reduce problems where one person whips out a secret ability and time has to be spent sorting things out after the revelation.

There Are Other Worlds Than This
Basically, this point boils down to one thing. People have other things to do besides post in this forum, and so do you. Don't pester people if they haven't posted in a while, they may have other things they need to get done. Especially don't pester mods about updates for your particular task or quest unless they've posted everywhere but your thing and seem to have completely missed it. If you do happen to mention it in passing, be polite. The best way to end up on the bottom of a to-do list is to be annoying about it.

Getting by in Trinity City

There are a number of ways to make money in Trinity City. The main ways are by joining groups heading out on quests, pursuing bounties, performing tasks or getting a good old fashioned job.

Usually advertised in the city's sole newspaper, tasks are a good way to make money with a minimum amount of hassle. Usually for one or a small group of people, tasks are jobs that you can do for other people in exchange for cash or services. They are as varied as the people who request they get done, and are usually quite plentiful.

Due to the increasing crime rate in Trinity, the over-taxed police force has reinstated the ancient and morally questionable practice of hiring bounty hunters to track down the more dangerous criminals. Bounties come in three main types: Incidental bounties, which show up randomly and can't be actively sought out. Questform bounties, where the police force has managed to track down the criminal's whereabouts and all you need to do is subdue them and bring them in. And most difficult, Investigative bounties, which require those involved to actively investigate and track down the criminals. Unless clearly stated otherwise, bounties are to be brought in alive.

Just like in the old stories your grandmother used to tell you. From time to time people will advertise for a group of suitable people for whatever purpose. Quests are longer than tasks or bounties, usually split into different sections. They are a great source of experience and usually have decent loot. (Loot for quests is totalled up at the end, rather than as you go along.)

Some characters will have professions that allow them a more steady rate of pay. These characters, so long as they aren't off doing other things and are posting activites related to their job will get a lump some roughly every one or two weeks (real-time). This amount will depend on the quality, not the quantity of their posts and whether or not anything relating to their job happened to them during that time period.

A Whistle Stop Tour Of Trinity City
"And if you look to your right you will see the Trinity City's first and finest bank... being robbed... Oh dear." - Excerpt from a recording of an actual tour of Trinity.

The Old District
South of most of trinity city, nestled just about where the paradoxical forest and the gambling district meet. Built on and around the docks, the old district is where a significant chunk of the lower classes live. Lightly industrial, most people with normal jobs work in this area of the city.

The Docks
Probably the oldest part of Trinity, though it has been rebuilt time and time again. The north end of the docks district possesses the destroyed bridge to the municipal prison, demolished not long after the sundering to isolate the dangerous criminals within. People from this area of town are usually resilient and more often than not have nicknames that they prefer to go by.

The Mean Streets
Home to Trinity city's oldest and most architecturally interesting buildings. This is the area of the city which holds the police department and a number of shops and pubs. People from this area of Trinity tend to be on the lower end of the class scale and have rather common names.

Gambling District
Named as much for its atmosphere as for the numerous casinos it possesses, the gambling district is where most of the tech in trinity city is. Partially run by criminal elements, many people consider this district to be the only real part of trinity city, calling it Living Trinity to show they think as much. People who live in the gambling district are either from money or hedonistic by nature, naming conventions in this region range from the pretentious to the practical.

The Snake-Eyes District
Home to Trinity's casinos and clubs, the snake-eyes district is rumoured to be unofficially run by the owner of Pandora's Chest. One must be careful not to get too carried away with the temptations offered in this region, as loan sharks are almost as numerous as the gamblers who use them.

Around Lightning Alley
Lightning alley is the technological market-hub of Trinity. If you need a piece of tech, your first stop will be right here. Lightning alley and its surrounding areas are also home to some of the more illicit attractions the city has to offer.

The Hills
Before the sundering, the hills could be thought of the up-scale equivalent to the academic suburbs. Between the old district and the Hills, Trinity has more than enough places for its residents to live.

The Sundered Region
Formerly the Academic District, buildings here seem to be made of old stone and timber, buildings of normal trinity city construction sticking out like a sore thumb. Half way through the region the highly urban area becomes partially forest, trees growing through or around trinity-style buildings. Near the centre of the area, the old university building seems to have gained a delicate looking spiraled tower, for all the world looking like it was crafted from solid obsidian.

University Campus
The TCU campus is a sight to behold, the sky above the network of academic buildings is never clear. Unnatural storm clouds loom over head constantly, releasing the occassional flash of silver or green light as lightning arcs between the patches of darkness above. Many students are still enrolled in TCU and its associated college, though much fewer than before the sundering.

Paradox Forest
The old suburbs of the academic district were seemingly hit worse than a lot of other areas during the sundering. Save for the occasional vehicle or building fused with the trees, this area of the city is almost entirely forest. Those who used to live in this area of town are likely to have multi-cultural names as this was the focus of education in the city, to which any who sought knowledge flooded.

How The World Works
"Dr Turner could have killed us all the day his experiment went tits up. Reckless son of a- I guess we should be thankful he only turned our whole bleedin' world upside down, should we!?" - Fred Stills, Inebriated Ship Loader

Technology in Trinity City

Your average citizen of Trinity might be able to afford one or two pieces of cybernetic enhancement, if they were so inclined to do so. Most citizens tend to divert their funds elsewhere, but its not uncommon to see people with augmentations in any number of places on their body.

Day to day.
Trinity City is the world of tomorrow, in terms of its scientific achievements, think of the current day and add your standard sci-fi leap forward. Touch-screens are fairly common place, holograms are the next big thing that haven't quite taken off yet. The only thing to bare in with regards to technology is that the sundering interrupted all wi-fi signals. Anything going through the air was put to an end at least for the moment. Long range wireless signals are just too scrambled to be much use until something is thought of to combat the issue. Land-lines and wired internet connections are suddenly of much better use and short wave radios have come back into fashion with alarming speed.

Guns never took off in the City-World in which Trinity City rests, the right combination for gunpowder was never discovered, or no-one put much energy into getting it to work. In general chemistry took a back seat to electrical engineering and biological discoveries for a long time. Electricity was discovered a long time prior to the equivalent time in our world and was soon taken advantage of. Stun guns (referred to as line tazers, given the lack of guns to name them after) and shock rods are far more common in Trinity City and the world in which it lies, though this by no means implies a less lethal environment, possibly the opposite.

What is Magic?

Those people who found themselves changed after the sundering discovered very quickly that they could channel their new found energy into specific effects. People have taken to calling these spells, as if they were written down and codified in some manner. Some people are even attempting to do so. The truth is spells are just active manifestations of an individual's abilities, some manifest fireballs and others move things with their minds, it varies from person to person.
-Magic tends to fall into one of eight arts (Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Mind, Spirit, Force and Summoning) though there are exceptions.

Some people tend to direct their new found power inwards, into new abilities or magical enhancements. These people sometimes change physically as a result of their power and sometimes don't. It is this kind of magic that produces mind-readers and allows people to have abnormal levels of strength or speed on par with a specialised cybernetic user.

The Sundering

A results of Dr Turner's experiments, the Sundering is the reason for a lot of the turmoil in Trinity City over the last year, people gaining magic powers, half of the city changing in an instant and communication severely disrupted right when it all began. Some tin-foil hat types like to claim that the Sundering was planned, either by those at the University, or by whoever lives in the obviously magical worlds with which their own had been partially conjoined.

The Sundered Region, formerly the Academic District, is the most obviously changed but other places throughout the city show small changes from time to time. Best anyone can tell, elements of other worlds have been pulled into our own, thanks to the events of that day. The most eastern section of the City is heavily forested, despite the fact that is also still filled with buildings, the result is something to behold for sure.

Some people suggest that if places were altered so drastically, and if magic for some reason flows in a world that never had it before it would foolish to assume that no people came through during or after the sundering. Possibly more worrying is the suggestion that if this happened, it would have been by combination with an existing Trinity City citizen. However, there has been no evidence recorded of any living being besides the trees of the forest coming through during the sundering.

Not much happened during the sundering, but some people have found that items can behave strangely in interaction with rifts that still exist in the city. Items can be distorted, improved or even combined in this way though no-one is yet sure how this works, exactly. Some people have stumbled across items that by all rights shouldn't exist in the world they know to be real, but none-the-less do.