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Fight Club Round IV: Napoleons!

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Who wins?
Napoleon D 1 7.69%
Napoleon B 10 76.92%
Draw 2 15.38%

Fight Club Round IV: Napoleons!

Napoleon Dynamite Vs Napoleon Bonaparte

A comedy fantastica tonight fight fans! Which napoleon brings the pain!?

Terrain Types:
  • Disco Battle (In an auditorium)
  • Boxing Match (Behind the Bleachers)
  • St Helena Island (Daytime)


Napoleon Dynamite: Pedro
Napoleon Bonaparte: Marshall Ney


Each has a set of moon boots
Each has access to a perm
Each has $40 in cash

Technology Level


Previous Results:

I'm going for Dynamite simply because I don't like seeing the french win anything (even if they are really corsican...)

Napoleon B. That guy had respect. When he said something, people listened.

Including "Pfft Russia, how big can it be! I mean seriously..." Ok, he probably never said that, I paraphrase.

Highly relevant link

Also, to the OP: I think Napoléon's assistant deserves more mention than just "his assitant". Personally I'd put in "Marshall Ney", a subordinate and close friend of his.

Are we seriously arguing whether

Napoleon: A General and Soldier

would win in a fight against

Napoleon: A pathetic nerd in a third rate comedy

? Maybe the one with combat experience, but that could just be my opinion

Av, I don't think your looking at the terrain types- nor the assistants for said terrain types, nor the equipment

Could Napoleon Bonaparte win a Disco Dance Off against Napoleon B? This is a comedy themed fight club!

Originally Posted by Kaeso
Highly relevant link
Where do you think I got the idea


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