Doji Densetsu - Kakita Duelist

Doji Densetsu - Kakita Duelist

Name: Doji Densetsu
Clan: Crane
Family: Doji
School Rank: Kakita Bushi 3
Insight Rank: 3

Insight: 185
Void Points: 3/3
Glory: 5.2
Status: 2.0
Honor: 6.5

Combat Stats
Initiative: 6k3 + 10
Wounds: 15/6/6/6/6/15
Armor TN: 25
Reduction: 3


Unarmed (Untrained)
Attack Roll: 2k2
Damage Roll: 2k1
Special: N/A

Attack Roll: 7k3
Damage Roll: 6k2
Special: Can expend void point to enhance damage by +1k1

Assessment: 9k3
Focus: 9k3 (10k4 + 3 from Rank 1 tech + 1 FR from Iai 5)
Strike: 9k3 (10k4 + 3 from Rank 1 tech)

Archery (Yumi)
Attack Roll: 7k3
Damage Roll: 4k2 (Willow leaf)

Originally Posted by quickroll worksheet

[ Roll= Kenjutsu/Agi + Prodigy]7d10er1^3z[ /roll]
[ Roll= Kenjutsu/Agi + Prodigy + Rank 1 Center Exit]8d10er1^4z+4[ /roll]
[ Roll= Kenjutsu/Agi + Prodigy + Center Bonus + Rank 1 Center Exit]9d10er1^5z+4[ /roll]

[ Roll= Kenjutsu/Agi + Prodigy + Rank 2]9d10er1^3z[ /roll]
[ Roll= Kenjutsu/Agi + Prodigy + Rank 2 + Rank 1 Center Exit]10d10er1^4z+4[ /roll]
[ Roll= Kenjutsu/Agi + Prodigy + Rank 2 + Center Bonus + Rank 1 Center Exit]10d10er1^5z+4[ /roll]

[ Roll= Iai/Ref + Prodigy + Rank 2]9d10er1^3z[ /roll]

[ Roll= Iai/Void + Prodigy + Rank 1 + Center Bonus]10d10er1^7z+4[ /roll]
[ Roll= Iai/Void + Prodigy + Rank 1 + Center Bonus + Assessment]10d10er1^8z+4[ /roll]

[ Roll= Iai/Ref + Prodigy + Rank 1 + Center Bonus]10d10er1^5z+8[ /roll]

[ Roll= Damage]6d10e^2z[ /roll]
[ Roll= Damage + Center Bonus]7d10e^3z+3[ /roll]
Traits: (42 points)
Air: 3
REF 3 (+1 from School)
AWA 3 (+1 from Family)
Earth: 3
STA 3 (12 points)
WIL 3 (12 points)
Fire: 3
Water: 2
Void: 4 (41 points)

Skills (Adv/Disads factored) - 53 points:

5xp Etiquette* (Awa) 3 6k2
14xp Iaijutsu* (Ref) 5 9k3 Emphasis: Focus, Assessment (2xp)
5xp Kenjutsu* (Agi) 3 7k3 Emphasis: Katana (2xp)
5xp Kyujutsu * (Ref) 3 7k3
-- Sincerity * (Awa) 1 4k2
5xp Tea Ceremony * (Voi) 3 7k3
5xp Perform: Song * (Awa) 3 8k4
3xp Lore: Trad. Song (Int) 2 5k3
6xp Investigation (Per) 3 5k3
6xp Acting (Awa) 3 6k3
1xp Battle (Per) 1 4k3
3xp Medicine (Int) 2 5k3

Advantages (21 Points)
Voice (3 points)
Sensation (3 points)
Prodigy (12 Points)
Fame (1 rank - 3 points)

Disadvantages (10 points)
Failure of Bushido: Courtesy (4points)
Consumed: Control (4 points)
Lechery (2 points)

Technique Benefits:
Way of the Crane - +1k1 to all attack and focus rolls while in the center stance and the turn immediately exiting center stance. Add twice Iaijutsu rank to Initiative.
Speed of Lightning - Gain +2k0 bonus to attack rolls against all slower enemies.
First and Last Strike - May strike first in a duel if Focus roll wins by a difference of 3 instead of 5. Free raise on strike for every 3 points exceeded instead of 5.

Advantage Benefits:
Voice - Gain +1k1 to any perform skill roll that requires use of voice.
Sensation - Gain 1 "ghost" rank in any perform skill.
Prodigy - Any school skill roll gains +1k0
Fame - Gain +1 Glory
World of the Daimyo - Gain 5 duty points (free)

Disadvantage Drawbacks:
Failure of Bushido: Courtesy - Must call a raise for no effect on any social skill to apologize/avoid giving offense.
Lechery - Seduction rolls gain +1k1 when used against the PC
Consumed: Control - Suffer a -1k1 penalty on all etiquette and sincerity rolls.

Mastery Benefits:
Acting 3 - Disguise TN dropped by 5
Investigation 3 - Second attempt can be done to search without an increase in TN
Iaijutsu 3 - Can ready a katana as a free action
Iaijutsu 5 - During a duel, character gains one free raise on his focus roll.
Kenjutsu 3 - All damage rolls with swords gain +1k0

Traveling Pack:
Candles, Chopsticks, Personal Seal, Daisho Stand, Whetstone, Tea Set, Shakuhachi, Rations, Makeup Kit, Mirrors

Light Armor, Sturdy Clothing, Daisho, Yumi

25 Willow Leaf arrows (25bu)
Quiver (20 Zeni)
Elaborate headdress with Jade components (Counts as Finger of Jade - 1 koku)
Small Tent (1 koku)
Perfume (varying scents - 5 bottles, 10 bu)

Originally Posted by History
When Doji Sachii was still a little girl, she was always given nothing but shining praise from her parents and from everyone she ever met. How could she not? She was beautiful and her talent with song was something that very few her age could match. Such a darling, such a little shining piece of perfection was little Doji Sachii.

Though her family was not a member of the upper echelons of society, she always saw herself as being a girl of royal blood, perhaps even directly descended from Kakita himself. She was given a chance to enter the prestigious Doji Courtier school at Kyuden Doji, but Sachii felt that filing paperwork and flitting about court was such a meaningless thing to someone of Royal Blood. She should have people doing such trivial tasks for her! Her place was to be praised and given lavish gifts and immortalized for all time!

So she began practicing the greatest of all art: The Art of the Duel.

And she was good. Little petulant Sachii, the one who always had to have her way, who never ever apologized for anything, who never cared two zeni's worth about things that weren't "Beautiful" had a kami-given gift for the one method that said that someone was right in Rokugan.

The Kakita Dueling Academy had a new student and she was, without any hyperbole, amazing.

Upon her Gempukku, she decided to take the only name that would describe her.

She would be Doji Densetsu and her name will live forever.

Previously, on L5R:

Densetsu is a ridiculously temperamental woman who derives almost all of her joy from her knowledge that she was better than everyone. While it is a common belief among all Rokugani that the Crane generally carry this attitute, Densetsu carries it like no one has ever done before, alienating even her own clans people. This would have been something that would have gotten her a lot of smack if only she couldn't back up her words.

But even if your yojimbo was the best in the entire province, or perhaps in the entire clan, it would amount to nothing if almost all the people who want to duel your charge to death is because of YOU. She was too much of a political problem but it would also be a shame to just let a prodigy like her to go to waste.

And so, she was informed that her next post would be as a sensei to a fledgling school in the Boondocks. Specifically, in Imagawa Jima. Doji Densetsu was to be a gift in sheep's clothing.

The horror on her face could hardly be contained when she heard it. She argued against it, very strongly, perhaps even on the verge of insulting her Sensei (many would say she crossed that line a long time ago) but in the end, she was on a boat heading to an island where nobody even bothered to teach the most sacred of all arts.

As the "head" sensei of the tiny dojo, Densetsu makes for a terrible teacher. She has no patience for mediocrity and has had nothing but disappointment from all of her "students" but she gets a certain rush from being in a position of power over her pupils. So while she loathes the assignment, she has grown begrudgingly fond of her post and, even though she doesn't know it yet, has hopes to make her school the most famed one in the entire world.

While her official loyalties lie with the Imagawa family as dictated by duty, her only real loyalty is to herself. Petty little thing that she is.
Note: Despite the avatar showing strawberry blonde hair and clothing of a non-azure shade, for all intents and purposes, she appears like a traditional Crane maiden.
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Duty point allocation (6 points spent):
1 Point - Master Sensei (Dojo) - Inheriting an old disused dojo from a long since dead school, Densetsu makes do with what she can. The plot of land itself is large but the actual dojo proper can only be used to teach the bare minimum of students. There are no other sensei other than Densetsu.

2 Points - Master Sensei (Kata creation - School: Crane Bushi) - In teaching, Densetsu has slowly started to notice that there is a strange form carried by almost all her students. Perhaps borne of their life on the island, or some other factor, she begins to think that there might be a way to refine their clumsiness and earnest into something efficient...

3 Point - Governor - Monument: Onsen (2 Point for level, 1 point for rank) - Whether as a result of boredom, or of her own dismay at the lack of any sort of "beauty" at her new island of residence, the very vain Duelist manages to rediscover a volcanic mineral spring that has the potential to turn into a great hot spring. While not particularly large, and in a somewhat more remote area than preferred, the water proves to be very rich in healthy minerals made to relax the mind and soul. Construction begins quickly and soon, word trickles out from visiting courtiers about the Nanbu Onsen, attracting a good amount of visitors. Generates (??? koku per month or Any specific effect as deemed by GM).

Ok here is what I see for your duel stats.

Assesment Phase:
9k3+5 (5 iai, 3 Awarness, +1k0 from Prodigy)

Focus Phase: 11k5+10 . if Assesment is won by 10 or more. 12k6+10=10k7+10
(5 iai, 3 Void. + 1k1+3 from Center Stance bonus from Assesment phase. + 1k1+2 From Kakita rank 1 Tech.+1k0 Prodigy + 5(free raise) from Iai rank 5 Master ability.

Strike 10k4+2 (5 Iai, 3 reflex. +1k1+2 from Kakita Tech.+1k0 Prodigy ).May also use the Center stance Bonus for 1k1+3 for either Strike OR damage roll.

whoops Add 1k0 to both Focus and to Strike. Forgot about prodigy.

Cleaned up duel works space. all dice totals are correct, at least as far as I know lol

Protecting clan interests - +6 honor
Attacking under cover of night - -6 honor
Total Honor gained - 0

Scene 2 Glory Gained - 1.1 Glory
Insight Rank increase glory - +1.0 Glory
Total Glory Gained - 2.1

XP given - 15 XP (+5 banked)

Int 2 > 3 (12XP - Insight 168)
Etiquette 2 > 3 (3XP - Insight 172)
Medicine 0 > 2 (3XP - Insight 174)
Battle 0 > 1 (1XP - Insight 175)
Banked: 1xp

Honor from 6.5 to 7.1
Glory from 5.2 to 5.5

12 XP from scene XP
2 XP from nomination
4 XP previously banked

18 XP banked at the moment, expenditure to follow


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