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I Win 2: The Sequel!

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Who wins?
Mordae 1 25.00%
Mordae, for sure 1 25.00%
Of course it's Mordae 1 25.00%
Who could it be but Mordae? 1 25.00%

I Win 2: The Sequel!

Because lets face it. That last 'win' didn't actually count. That was merely a setback. Not to mention just a prologue to my final victory.

that got taken off the air, for falsehoods.

Hey guys! What's up? I was just supposed to meet a friend here.

Oh! Hey, Win! There you are.

Well, it was nice meeting you guys. I think I'll just go ahead and leave with Win.

Shouldn't this thread be entitled 'The Squeakquel?"

Thank you, Alvin, I do believe that Win is mine.

There shall be no mercy.

Save your pity (and street cred) for the weak!

I need neither!


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