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I Win 2: The Sequel!

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Who wins?
Mordae 1 25.00%
Mordae, for sure 1 25.00%
Of course it's Mordae 1 25.00%
Who could it be but Mordae? 1 25.00%

I Win 2: The Sequel!

Because lets face it. That last 'win' didn't actually count. That was merely a setback. Not to mention just a prologue to my final victory.

that got taken off the air, for falsehoods.

Hey guys! What's up? I was just supposed to meet a friend here.

Oh! Hey, Win! There you are.

Well, it was nice meeting you guys. I think I'll just go ahead and leave with Win.

Shouldn't this thread be entitled 'The Squeakquel?"

Thank you, Alvin, I do believe that Win is mine.

That Chipmunks reference just cost you both you street cred and The Win.
May God have mercy on your soul.

There shall be no mercy.

Save your pity (and street cred) for the weak!

I need neither!


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