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I Win 2: The Sequel!

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Who wins?
Mordae 1 25.00%
Mordae, for sure 1 25.00%
Of course it's Mordae 1 25.00%
Who could it be but Mordae? 1 25.00%

*stomping on the costume until the fingers unclench from The Win*

There we are...silly costume.

The palm of the costume still seems to be glued to it though....who got glue all over this costume?

and you are donating it to my charity? How good of you! here you go, an alignment shift.

depends what the charity is could be the infamous Help the Aged evil villain Society

*The Evil Dr. Geriatric enters the game*

I thank you for your donation.

I shall take this win and use it to win every Bingo game in the Midwest! Muhahahahahaha!!


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