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What's the Connection? (Movie Edition)

Alright, let's see how long this takes:

Mean Girls and Mortal Kombat

I have heterochromia! But it's not complete like those examples are...there aren't many people who have complete heterochromia. Unfortunately, it is usually indicative of other health problems related to neurology.

Hrm...were they both based on true stories?

Bah! And yes it is, though apparently, as I found out today, I'm only familiar with the more upbeat remix version Orbital did for Mortal Kombat and the like. Haven't heard the original, which is apparently about two minutes longer than the remixs 9 minute endurance track, heh.

Danny's up.

What you fail to realize, JAM, is that the reason I answer so many of your questions is that I am your Tyler Durden. All those moments you think you're sleeping, or passed out and blackout drunk? That's when I'm sitting at the keyboard, clickety-clacking away. That chemical burn on the back of your hand? Also me.



Now I have to shoot myself in the jaw in an attempt to trick you and make you think I actually blew my brains out. I don't want to shoot myself in the jaw. It's gonna friggin hurt.


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