Bubbles (played by rastline, who will be posting Bubbles background shortly. Rastline - post here only what you want other heroes to know about you, which, since you have a Popularity of 0, probably isn't much. Send me a Private Message with a description of your costume and the rest of your background.)

Real name: Fred Gulstun
Origin: Mutant; Weight: 345 lbs.; Height: 6' 2"
Costume: Spandex green, red, and yellow vertical stripes in a beach ball patern, including a cape with a large "B" on it.

Primary Attributes
Fighting Rm (30)
Agility Rm (30)
Strength Ty (6)
Endurance Ex (20)
Reason Ex (20)
Intuition Ex (20)
Psyche Ex (20)

Secondary Attributes
Health 86
Karma 60
Popularity Sh 0 (0)
Resources Pr (4)

Pilot (GM's Note: Oh, sure, NOW we get a pilot... )
Martial Arts B

Force Field vs. Physical Rm (30)
Force Field vs. Energy Rm (30)

Thanos and Blue Marvel


Aliases: Mad Titan, Master, Thanos Rex, Masterlord, Overmaster
Occupation: Knowledge seeker; former god, destroyer conqueror, nihilist
Citizenship: Titan
Place of Birth: Eternal colony, Titan (moon of Saturn)
Height: Approx. 6'7"
Weight: Approx. 1000 lbs.
Eyes: Red
Hair: None

Powers: Thanos possesses the superhuman physiology of all Eternals, granting him superhuman strength, endurance, reflexes, and agility. His skin in nearly invulnerable, particulary against heat, cold, electricity, radiation, toxins, aging, and disease, and he can survive indefinately without food or water. His mind is also invulnerable to most forms of psychic attack, and can project a psionic blast of energy as well as blasts of plasma/cosmic energy from his eyes and hands.

Abilities: Master strategist, adept in sciences far beyond Earth technology, some mystical knowledge
Weapons: None, although he has at times employed a hovering chair with additional offensive weapons and the ability to teleport galaxy-wide distances.

History: On Saturn's moon of Titan lived a colony of Eternals, and Thanos was born as one of the last sons of the original colonists, Mentor and Sui-San. However, he was born misshapen and monstrous in comparison to the other Eternals, particularly his handsome and carefree brother, Starfox, and Thanos grew into a melancholy, brooding individual, consumed with the concept of death. More than any of his people, Thanos sought out personal power and increased strength, endowing himself with cybernetic implants until he became more powerful than any of his brethren. At some point, he was exiled from his community, although the accounts differ as to its cause. Some say it was because he committed a crime by being the first to create a weapon. Thanos himself once claimed that he vivisected his own mother in an attempt to investigate how someone consumed with death such as himself could have come into being.
Growing in power and infamy as he traveled the universe, Thanos once met Death itself, as it appeared to him embodied in a female form. Thanos was infatuated with the being, and endeavored to make himself worthy in order to earn her love in return. With an army under his command, he nearly destroyed his former home of Titan, declaring himself its ruler. He then sought out the powerful Cosmic Cube, and a number of Earth's heroes assembled to confront him. With the Cube's power, Thanos made himself unto a god, and he easily fought back Captain Marvel and the Avengers. However, Captain Marvel managed to convince Thanos that he had drained the Cube of its power, and the mad Titan discarded it. This allowed Mar-Vell to grab the Cube and restore the universe to its rightful order and drain Thanos of his power. Thanos was shunted back to where he had first launched his bid for power, and was rescued by his starship, Sanctuary II.
Thanos believed that Death had rejected him after his failure with the Cosmic Cube, and so he began searching the universe for the powerful Soul Gems, one of which was used by Adam Warlock. Thanos had also learned of the threat of the Magus, a future version of Adam Warlock who would threaten Thanos' own plans. Thanos was determined to make sure that the future of the Magus would never occur. Using time travel, he created a perfect pawn for his future struggle-- the deadliest woman in the universe. He rescued Gamora as an infant and trained her to be his personal assassin. He also joined forces with Adam Warlock to oppose the Magus, who was using his world-conquering Universal Church of Truth to create a fanatical empire. With this alliance, Thanos helped ensure that Warlock would never become the Magus, and at the same time, he managed to absorb certain energies of Warlock's Soul Gem that would help him in his subsequent plot.
One by one, Thanos collected five other Soul Gems, combining them all in a huge, single, synthetic Soul Gem. He then began to extinguish the very stars themselves, hoping thereby to extinguish all living things in tribute to Death. Thanos was opposed by Gamora, but he slew her as well as Pip the Troll, who was looking for Adam Warlock. Warlock had learned of Thanos' activity and recruited Captain Marvel and the Avengers to again oppose the mad Titan.
Captain Marvel managed to destroy the synthetic Soul Gem, but Thanos captured the Avengers and even killed Adam Warlock after an intense one-on-one battle. Spider-Man was on hand to help rescue the heroes, and with the help of Lord Chaos and Master Order, restore Warlock to life. Warlock's resurrection flushed him with cosmic power and he again engaged in battle with Thanos, who was defeated, but not killed. The Eternal was turned to immobile stone-- an ironic punishment since the lover of Death would be forever denied its embrace.
Sometime later, Thanos was revived and proceeded to reassemble the Soul Gems, now called the Infinity Gems*, and create the powerful Infinity Gauntlet; essentially, a glove to which each of the Inifinty Gems could be attached, allowing the weilder to harness the power of all the attached gems simultaneously and to greater effect than would be capable of individual gems. With a mere thought, Thanos was able to wipe out half of the universe's population of living beings, and once again he had enough power to make himself an omnipotent being. Many of Earth's heroes and heroes from around the galaxy came to oppose him, and they were joined by other abstract entities who knew Thanos' new powers made him a threat to all existence. Thanos again defeated them all. Ultimately, however, Death spurned him, as Thanos' powers had placed him at a level beyond. Thanos was distraught, and this momentary lapse allowed Nebula, who Thanos was toying with for having assumed to have been related to him, to gain control of the Infinity Gauntlet. Thanos was forced to join with Warlock and the other heroes, and Warlock ended up with the Infinity Gauntlet, restoring the universe to its natural state before Thanos' interference, and Warlock divided the Gems among various guardians who became the Infinity Watch.
Thanos himself was exiled by Warlock to an uninhabited planet, and he set himself up as a simple farmer, seemingly content to spend the rest of his days as a hermit.

* The six types of Infinity Gems are named: Mind, Power, Reality, Space, Soul, and Time. The full extent of their powers are not completely understood.

Marvel Boy (AKA Blue Marvel)

Real Name: Robert Grayson
Identity: Publicly known
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: U.S.A., adopted citizen of the Uranian colony
Place of Birth: Trenton, New Jersey
Known Relatives: Horace Grayson (born Horace Grabshield, father, deceased)
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 170 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Abilities: Grayson was an accomplished athlete and schooled in sciences far beyond even today’s level of technology.

Weapons: Marvel Boy's Quantum Bands absorbed solar radiation and transformed it into powers and enhanced abilities, such as superhuman strength, endurance, and resistance to injury. He used the bands to manipulate gravity, enabling him to fly. His primary use of them, however, was to magnify low levels of light to create blinding bursts in order to incapacitate his opponents.

History: Bob Grayson was just a baby when his father, an astrophysicist, managed to make contact with a colony of Eternals on the planet Uranus. His father feared what Earth was becoming as Adolf Hitler began to rise to power, and he looked to the stars for comfort instead. The Eternals helped him build a spaceship, and he and his son left Earth to make Uranus their new home. The Eternals helped Bob reach the peak of his potential, but he nevertheless longed to return to the planet of his birth. When he was seventeen, his father relented. The Eternals gave him a personal spacecraft called The Silver Bullet, wristbands that could be used as a defensive weapon, and a tunic that would evoke Apollo, the god of light. His father urged him to use his powers as a champion of the Uranian lifestyle of peace and harmony, and Bob became the superhero known as Marvel Boy. Marvel Boy fought crime for many years, enjoying great fame and favor.
(Lack of information for approximately a 24 year period from around October, 1951 to November, 1975)
Eventually, sometime in the 1970’s, Marvel Boy received a distress call from Uranus. He arrived to find the city destroyed. The Eternals' protective dome was destroyed, and Marvel Boy decided it was the fault of bankers of Earth who stalled him when they denied his request for a loan to purchase medical supplies for his father. He rushed back to Earth to exact revenge, calling himself the Crusader, and he began a rampage. The Fantastic Four intervened, but it was the Crusader's misunderstanding of the Quantum Bands he wore that made him reckless. He absorbed so much energy that the bands overloaded and his body was destroyed. His Quantum Bands eventually ended up in the possession of Wendell Vaughn, who used them as the hero Quasar, eventually becoming a member of the Avengers.
(Lack of information for approximately another 24 year period, from late 1975 until late 1999)
Shortly after the disappearance of Quasar on a mission in space in the late 1990’s, Marvel Boy inexplicitly returned to Earth in Buffalo, New York, again wearing the Quantum Bands. He took on the new alias of Blue Marvel after finding out that another hero was currently using the name Marvel Boy and became the sidekick of Darkblade, a member of the Avenger’s Experimental Franchise (AEF) based in Buffalo. Although never granted Avenger’s membership himself, he was frequently involved with the AEF’s exploits.
EnergyStar and the Captain would be able to tell you at this point that Blue Marvel acted quite juvenile and impulsive for his age, but that given his history from the 1950’s and 1970’s, they figured it was better to keep him close to keep tabs on him. They never did get any further information on where he’s been during the periods of “missing time”, his rampage in the 1970’s, or the whereabouts of the missing Quasar.
Hank Pym asked Blue Marvel to join the Avengers based on his heroic exploits in the 1950’s and his recent activities with the AEF.

Theodore Kinnison, aka "Blackbird."

An up-and-coming African-American superhero from the Brooklyn area, Blackbird has only made the larger papers on two occasions.
The first was when he chipped into a Spiderman-Hobgoblin brouhaha, eventually catching the wrong end of a pumpkin bomb and getting thrown through the wall of the Daily Bugle (Spiderman and Hobgoblin took the fight further downtown while he picked himself up and tried to get the bells out of his head. Needless to say, the cover of the Bugle the next morning was, "Spiderman's new partner in crime!")
The second incident involved the Beetle and had a much more satisfactory ending. Responding to the sirens, Blackbird flew on the scene just as the Beetle was emerging from the bank with a small sack of cash. A single force-blast was enough to send the money flying...but trapping the Beetle was by no means that easy. The middling-level criminal gave Blackbird a solid run for his money, turning the fight into a running (well, flying) battle all the way from the Parkway to Coney Island. Blackbird's dogfight-training stood him well, though, and the crippling shot - or lucky shot, as some papers suggested - destroyed one of the delicate wings on the Beetle's armored suit. Grounded, he was swiftly taken in (again).
A search of the Brooklyn community papers, though, would reveal that Blackbird had also been doing community service on the quiet. Two of the smaller public schools had apparently had frequent visits from him, where he would not only service their boilers but would turn the occasion into an impromptu lesson for a random selection of the kids in need of attention the most. Mirrored sunglasses and proper enunciation had, apparently, become quite popular in those two schools.

Blackbird appears to be a perfectly normal African-American of somewhat mixed heritage. His skin tone is not as dark as most, but more of a median shade. Appearing no more buff than any other steady gym-goer, only a close examination of his hands would show any real alteration of his physiology.
Internally, it's a whole different story.

Origin: Altered Human; Calling: Responsibility Of Power; Hinderance: Strongly Opinionated (African-American race does not need help, it needs to kick itself in the butt and help itself.)

Fighting: Good 10
Agility: Remarkable 30
Strength: Remarkable 30
Endurance: Excellent 16
Reason: Incredible 40
Intuition: Excellent 20
Psyche: Good 10

Health: 86
Resources: Excellent (20 r on hand)

Popularity: Remarkable (35)
Aeronautics (Pilot)
Aerial Combat

Flight (Remarkable 30)
- Gravimetric drive (components a part of his altered body, with 'anchor points' in major bone structure) provides propulsion.
- Force field provides constantly-mutable aerodynamic 'body-shell' for added lift and maneuverability.

Force Field (Excellent 20)
- See Flight, above.
- Manifests as a smokey-tint effect and is clearly noticable as a hard surface.
- While fairly potent, as of yet he has only been seen using it for personal defense.

Force Blast (Incredible 40)
- Manifested from a collective projection system built into his fingers, each emitter being almost pinprick in size. Similar to what will later be seen in the blast-projection systems built into the hands of Prime Sentinels, but without the large palm emitter.
- Unlike his force field, projects as a pure white column of rather powerful, very 'hard' force. Like getting hit with a flying anvil.
Stun Blast (Excellent 20)
- Identical to the Force Blast, but is a lower-power projection of 'soft' force, like a powerful punch to the face from a professional boxer.

Mechanical Intuition (Incredible 40)
- Understands machinery on an instinctive level.
- Can take in a machine's function and purpose at a single glance.
- Can deduce what is wrong simply by listening to how it is running.

Omni-Tools (Good 10)
- Two self-designed tools that can be adjusted and adapted to perform any task or repair. Everything a hands-on person needs to make an entire workroom jealous!

Power Stunts:
(None currently.)

His torso, arms and body are covered in a matte black suit, with two sharp, narrow inverted blue 'V's on the torso to match the
insignia on each shoulder, about where a unit patch would be in the military.
He keeps his lower face covered with a
black mask almost ninja-like in make, although pilots will recognize it for something closer to that worn in military flight. Aviator's
sunglasses round out the costume, with a black ski-band making sure they don't come off in flight.
A pair of long, thin sheaths are strapped to his right thigh, perhaps a foot and a half in length, holding his Omni-Tools.

Equipment: Omni-Tools (see Powers);

Contacts (ones likely known to current players): Military

Dr. Jericho Tesla

Born 1909, Grand Rapids Mich
known associations: S.A.S., C.I.A.

Fighting Rm 26
Agility Rm 30
Strength Ex 20
Endurance Inc 40
Reason Rm 35
Intuition Rm 35
Psyche Ex 20

Resources Feeble 2
Popoularity poor 4


Archaology (through the 1950's)
Engineering (through the 1950's)
Electronics (through the 1950's)
Martial Arts B


Regeneration Amz 50
control energy (electricity) Amz 46
energy resistance (conductive) Inc 40
ranged energy attack (tesla whip) Rm 30 3 spc

Jericho Tesla is a heroic scientist of the early to mid 20th century. He used his father's wealth and prestige to further his study of ancient myths and legends. Being a founding member of the Order of Prometheus, an offshoot branch of the Knights Templar, Dr. Tesla spent most of WWII defeating the Nazi attempts at using powerful relics and paranormal weapons against the allies along with other O.S.S. operatives. After an incident in 1940 at Stonehenge, Jericho obtained a unique affinity for electricity . After the war, he spent many years developing extremely perilous research with electricity, quantum physics and the theories of time and space travel. He disappeared some time in the late 50s while shut in with his experiments for months with few visitors.

Villains Galore

Power suit grants flight, wall crawling, electrical blasts, and body armor. Also has an on-board battle computer that evaluates opponents actions.

Comprised of pure sound. Has a "sonic converter" where his right hand used to be. Astounding resistance to energy attacks. Can generate and manipulate sound as a weapon.

Uses a powered exoskeleton. Didn't seem too tough when you were peeling his unconscious butt off the pavement less than 24 hours ago.

Goliath/Power Man
Has indescribable growing powers based on Pym particle research stolen from Hank Pym. Seems to be resistant to certain forms of attacks.

Fantastic heat blast and blinding light bursts. Flies.

Tiger Shark
Brother-in-law of the missing Avenger, Stingray. Sworn enemy of the Sub-Mariner, also missing. Razor-sharp teeth, resistance to cold, tough skin, ability to breathe underwater. Astounding fighter with colossal strength.

Christopher Alexander Micheals

Christopher Alexander Micheals is the attachment on this post. Christopher Alexander Micheals is a white male 6' 8" tall with light brown/ Hazel eyes with decently long Black hair. He appears to be around his mid to late 30's.

Agent X is not one that is easily registered on any normal database system neither is Chris Micheals. Agent X is an older white male 6' 11" tall with a strong build. He has Hazel brown eyes with short Grey hair. He has an old school style in his dress.

Agent X

Alohi Benetta Ricci or otherwise known as Benni.

Before her accident, she was apparently a petite 5 ft, but now she is about 7 ft and has shown signs of being stronger then normal. And even though she has been in a couple of explosions, she apparently hasn't been hurt.

She is a genius with Doctorates in Engineering, Physics, and Computer Science.

It has been discovered that Benni has also grow to be remarkably strong, according to her punch test with Energy Star.
Benni has monstrous body resistance as was demonstrated when she went head on with Thanos and it took him 5 blows to knock her unconscious.
Benni is apparently from alternate, parallel universe. She had been working on alien technology when an explosion happened. Sending her into a parallel universe and confirming in her mind the Many Worlds Theory of quantum physics.

Hero Name: Benni
Given Name: Alohi Benedetta Ricci
(Altered Human)

Fighting: Excellent (16)
Agility: Excellent (16)
Strength: Remarkable (26)
Endurance: Amazing (46)
Reason: Good (8)
Intuition: Excellent (16) (initiative +1)
Psyche: Remarkable (26)

Health: 104
Karma: 131
Resources: Excellent (16) in home dimension, 5 (typical) in this dimension
Popularity: Good (10) in home dimension, 12 in this dimension

Age: 30
Gender: Female
Height: 7'
Weight: 250 lbs
Skin Color: Hawaiian-Italian
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

M13: Hyper-Intelligence: Amazing Reasoning (Amazing)(H-Int(46) + Rea(8) = 54)
M14: Hyper-Invention Remarkable (H-Int(46) + H-Inv(26) + Rea(8) = 80 (Monstrous for inventing stuff))
P2: Body Resistance (Monstrous) (63)
P11: Self-Sustenance (Amazing) (46)
Per Sheridan on Benni having to breathe to speak: I would say Benni would have to breathe in order to speak, however, as long as the gas she is breathing is not poisonous, it does not have to be an Oxygen-based atmosphere (locked in a room containing a pure helium atmosphere, Benni would not get light headed and could talk...albeit in a high-pitched, squeaky voice...).


Silver Sable
Scarlet Scarab

Nicole from Pussycat Dolls
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Radical Warrior (played by HackNslash)
Alex Shepard (AKA Lester Lawman, Joshua Marshal, Crimebuster), former crime lab analyst, former research scientist, former lawyer, former police officer

Primary Abilities:

F 20
A 50
S 40
E 30
R 20
I 40
P 20

Secondary Abilities:
Health: 140
Resources: Excellent

Density Control - TY (grants TY Body Armor when active)
Lightning Speed - IN (7 areas/turn with 1 to stop or 20 areas/turn straight line)
Poison Touch (Knockout) - GD (w/EnergyStar, rank is EX)
Extra Attacks - 2 attacks OR make a TY FEAT roll (white is 1, Green is 2, Yellow is 3, Red is 4)
Weather Control - RM 30 (grants TY Gliding at 6 areas/turn)
Alter Ego - F 20, A 8, S 16, E 16, Health 60
Power Device - Raises Fighting from PR4 to EX20, grants PR Levitation, on-board computer with PR Reason

Martial Arts A
Law Enforcement (includes the Law and Guns talents) - passed Bar exam

AEF, Heroes For Hire, Fire Department (FB resources), Police Commissioner (RM resources), City Hall Mayor's Office (RM resources)

Other Equipment:
Sports Car, Knife, Handgun, Nullifier Bands (-7CS), Infrared Goggles (5 areas)

Centennial Man

Fighting: Remarkable
Agility: Remarkable
Strength: Remarkable
Endurence: Remarkable
Reason: Remarkable
Intuition: Remarkable
Psyche: Remarkable

Health: 120
Karma: 90
Resources: Excellent
Popularity: 20

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Origin: Altered Human
Alignment: Hero

Recent artist sketch of Centennial Man

Telepathy: Centennial Man has Remarkable telepathic abilities.

Telekinesis: Centennial Man has Remarkable telekinetic abilities.

Stunning Missile: Combining both his telepathic and telekinetic powers, Centennial Man can cast a mental bolt of Amazing intensity.

Invulnerability: A telekinetic personal force field grants Centennial Man with Remarkable resistance to physical attacks and Good resistance to energy attacks.

Flight: Centennial Man can propel himself through the air at Remarkable speeds.


Cabal priest from the future.

Two cabal priests from the future come to present-day Earth to find a new savior. Every one hundred years, the cabal sends members of their sect to complete this mission. By casting a spell on the fateful recipient, the priests grant the person with superpowers, powers which the person must use to defend the world from the influence of a rival cabal from the past.

Due to the frantic, inadvertent work of the priests, college slacker Lenny Wilson from Washington, New Jersey receives superpowers instead of lawyer-cum-philanthropist Lenny Wilson from Washington, DC. The mishap grants the wrong Lenny with a muscular body that is inhumanly strong and an intelligent mind that is both telepathic and telekinetic. Seeing potential in his new powers, Lenny decides to pursue college athletics. But his superior physicality draws the attention of professional scouts, which in turn draws the attention of corporate sponsors, and in no time he becomes the first superhero endorsed by Adidas.

Marketing staff immediately work on his image and his name, giving him the traditional form-fitting outfit and naming him something punchy and catchy. But in a recent phone interview with People magazine, static over the phone disrupts things. When Lenny tells the reporter that his name is "Sentinel, man", the magazine published the article with the name Centennial Man.

It seems Lenny is destined to be the hero that the priests from the future set out to find.

Origin: Mutant

F: Excellent (16)
A: Good (8)
S: Feeble (2)
E: Good (8)
R: Incredible (36)
I: Remarkable (26)
P: Remarkable (26)

Health: 34
Karma: 78
Popularity: 0

Resources: Poor (reduced by 2 for mutant and +1 contact)


Cold Generation: Incredible, Emitted from any part of the body (Includes Incredible Resistance to Cold)
Empathy: Remarkable
Mental Probe: Excellent
Imitation - Human Changeling: Good

Psi-Screen: Remarkable (automatic for having mental powers)


Languages (English Native, German)
Blunt Weapons

Law Enforcement - Detective Carl Barryn

The costume on the right is more casual wear, the one on the left is for courtroom. She has to wear the unstable molecule tights in case of sudden shape change, but was only able to afford two outfits.

Motya Cheykina is a second generation American born and raised in the States. She is also a somewhat public mutant. Her shape-shifting and empathic abilities developed slowly through high school and contributed heavily toward her popularity during that period.

Her subtle shape-shiftings had attracted the attention of an unstable individual who attempted to abduct her. She managed to evade his initial attempt and led the man, one Jason Donovan, on a long chase that ended in a busy subway station with her almost freezing the man to death.
Soon after the revelation that she was a mutant, her shapeshifting and empathic abilities came into full bloom, if somewhat out of control. She is often in a form other than that she was born with, sometimes not even human. This made law school somewhat more difficult than it would otherwise have been.


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