Out Of Character

Out Of Character

This will be the main thread for...oh, you can figure it out...

One of the players from this campaign has been asking me to start it up again as a play by post, so here it is. The plan is to wrap up a bunch of dangling plotline from the campaigns earlier days as well as go through the collection of unplayed MSH modules I've accumulated over the years. I'm thinking of limiting the play by post game to three new players, with any of the previous players in the campaign welcome to join the play by post game if they wish to.

New players are welcome. The rules set we'll be using (in case you don't own the original TSR boxed sets) can be found online. Those interested in playing should make up a character based on the orange-covered Campaign Book from the original set, although Talents from any boxed set may be used. Returning players can just tell me they want to play - I still have your original characters.

I'd love to join up. Haven't played this in probably 15 years...but I remember it was a blast. I dug through my bookcase and found my old rules... any preference of what type of character? I don't want to duplicate any of the guys you expect from the other group.

Oh, and any chance of allowing stuff from the Ultimate Powers book?

The Ultimate Powers Book is OK to use, but Ability Ranks, as well as Powers, should be determined randomly. Any of the starting "classes" are OK (High-Tech Wonder, Alien, Mutant, etc.). Don't be concerned about ending up with a power already possessed by someone in the group; it's already happened in the past and led to some pretty cool Power Stunts.

On more of a background note, the "feel" of this game is intended to be more Silver Age/Four Color/Light-And-Fun as opposed to Dark/Brooding/Punisher/Angsty/X-Tactular.

If you're still interested Sgt. Drill, make up a character and a background, send it to me via Private Message, and post what is publicly known about your hero in the Characters thread to get an "Official OK" on it before we start.

That means room for two more new players!

Will do. Should I make the rolls for ability ranks and powers here?

I'd love to be in on this- Marvel Super Heroes was the first RPG I ever played.

What's the basic plot of this game?

I'll join in, can i ressurect Rad Warrior from that old campaign or shall i start from scratch. His sheet may have been in the pile of marval and DC books I gave you a while back.

Rolling A Character

Originally Posted by SgtDrill View Post
Will do. Should I make the rolls for ability ranks and powers here?
That's fine; if you would like to use the built in dice roller and post here, I can e-mail you back your stats and tell you what categories of powers you can choose from.

To make up a character for MSH, you roll individual sets of percentile dice:
1 for General Origin
7 for your seven ability scores (one for each)
1 for your Resources
1 for number of Powers (see table below)
1 for each Power you have, to determine the type of Power
1 for number of Talents (see table below)
1 for each Talent, to determine which one(s) you have

Percentile Roll: # Powers: # Talents:
1-20 2 1
21-60 3 2
61-90 4 3
91-100 5 4

Originally Posted by Shin Ji View Post
I'd love to be in on this- Marvel Super Heroes was the first RPG I ever played.
Excellent! Make up a character and background if you are interested, PM them to me, and then post whatever the public would know about your character in the Characters thread.

Originally Posted by Shin Ji View Post
What's the basic plot of this game?
There is none. Not very inspiring, is it?
My Marvel game tends to be very serialized, just like a comic book series. Different, sometimes unrelated, events occur and the characters develop the plot and relationships as they go. there is no single "quest" or "end point". If you want to play for a whiel and then leave the game, that's fine, too. Just let me know if you choose to leave so your character can go "off panel" at the appropriate time for some reason.

I tend to run a G/PG-rated game, very Silver-Agey with very little of the shoot-em-up angsty bloodshed stuff.

OK then. I'm using the Ultimate Powers Book to generate my character, because that book is possibly my best loved single RPG accessory of all time.


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