Out Of Character

Blackbird can attempt an expensive Power Stunt to project fire instead of force (this might not work any better than force to damage it)...or I can look around for some Wakandan Increditech to put to work! Surely there has to be an antiaircraft somethingorother around.

Heh, I have no ideas yet. Been racking my brains for ways to destroy Mummies. Fire is usually good for most things though Although I think Chris is about to be given a hint on what we need to do.

Wow - sorry, folks - three family birthdays, one anniversary, and a week at Origins consumed all available time over the past couple weeks. I should be back now!

Neat, looks like I nailed a Yellow result on a poor ability of mine without spending karma!

Darn you Stam I wanted to be the hero this time.

Next time yell that you have the shot!

Ah yes I will have to remember that next time my friend.

Before we start issue 11, I want to take a PC roll call and see who is still here.

I know Agent X, Aloha 'Benni' Ricci, Blackbird, Centennial Man, and Jericho Tesla have all appeared recently.

EnergyStar, Motya Cheykina, Radical Warrior, or any of the past heroes still lurking out there?

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