Out Of Character

...we DID bring some correct-period money, didn't we?

I have actually been waiting for that to come up.

Actually, I figure you'll have some cash on hand (coins, small bills) that you can pass off if need be...as long as no one looks too closely at the date...

So long as they're US currency, small denominations and look well-used, they should pass without a second glance. I doubt we'll be pulling out a 20.

Blackbird is totally cheating here, but in ten or twenty years Daredevil can probably do just that.

Dooooes this guy look like anyone resembling, say, Kang the Conquerer?

...how much karma does Blackbird currently have?

Egad, those were some horrible rolls.

Can I spend Karma to reroll them?

High for Init, and a 100. That's what I need for the knockout punch there!!

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