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Yeah, I used it for my powers. To be fair, I should probably use it for my form as well.

Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 54

Humanform Robot

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a character so bad it hurts my eyes
Although I wouldn't want to play it either, your first attempt did amuse me greatly!

Hey Shin Ji... since yer an inventor-type, and I'm a robot, wanna tie our backgrounds together?

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I'd be happy to. Is anyone else around, though?
Right now, there are actually 4 players, with potentially a fifth joining. The other two players have already done the same thing and woven their backgrounds together. This weekend I hope to have the recent campaign timeline posted as well as have the other two characters post their (public) backgrounds.

Enter Energystar

Hello all,

I am one of the players that Sheridan spoke of. I am also the one that nagged him until he started this.

I have a character that you will be hearing of and eventually (I hope) meet and work with. She is EnergyStar. I will post her info and background in the character thread. Looking forward to playing with all of you.

Groovy. Look forward to playing with EnergyStar, as well

How about this, Shin. You were a scientist for AIM, working on developing battle suits for them. You stumbled across information that they were designing a new generation of battle droid, along with plans to use that droid to destroy the SHIELD Helicarrier. Having a change of heart, you broke into the robotics lab late one night, destroyed the research notes, then activated me before the behavioral programming was installed... and I flew us out of there.

Yeah, it would provide us with an enemy in AIM, but that would give a good plot hook for the GM....

Wow sheridan that pdf made my character sheet look yellow....or is it the fact that the character is so old lol. And yes sheridan recent history would be good since the recent history is actually quite old.

Radical Warrior is back in the game.

Radical Warrior is my character from the paper and dice version run by sheridan ohhhh so many years ago. Energystar and Rad Warrior have actually worked together and she didnt kill melol.........yet. I'll post what the public knows of him shortly.

Oh and yes watching character version one develop was quite humorous.

wow a cyborg and a robot...Radical Warrior is a high tech wonder

Go Tech Go!!!!(pun intended)*

*inside pun that sheridan and tila will get. Dang 20 years since we could say that lol


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