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In order to fire two blasts of force in the same round, I have to attempt a power FEAT, yes?

What is the difficulty of trying this for the first time? (Agility Remarkable, Force Blast Incredible).
Not a Power Stunt. To do multiple attacks against the same target in one round, you must first make a Fighting FEAT.

Remarkable Intensity FEAT gives 2 attacks.

Amazing Intensity FEAT gives 3 attacks.

For Blackbird's Good Fighting, he may only attempt to get 2 attacks, which would require a Red result on the Good column. If successful, he then rolls the two attacks normally for whatever attack form/power he is using.

Blah, I thought that was only for melee. I guess there'll be no two-shot-wonders for me!

Use karma. Marvel lets you do amazing things. You just have to pay for them.

Useless trivia

The Buffalo Central Terminal serves as the team's Buffalo, NY, HQ (even though we haven't played there in a while, we've only been gone from there for about a week in-game). I've posted some pics of the building among some of the threads here.

Tila and I are members of the "Friends of the Central Terminal" restoration group and will be getting a private tour of the facility (which is no longer open to the public except for special events) this coming Sunday. We'll try to get some pics and post a review of the trip so all the non-local players can get a feel for what their character's HQ is REALLY like!


Happy Halloween, all!

I haven't posted in the main thread since the 4th!

Sorry, folks - I've been catching up on real life stuff - I will post again soon!

C'est correct, mon ami. Ask Tila how long I go sometimes without updating the Savage Tide.

You are a king of consistency.

No crowd reaction is fine. Blackbird is just stalling, really. This took up five more seconds that he didn't have to think of something to say!!

And, I am now going to wait on everyone else to do something.

Happy Thanksiving!

I assume were in a holiday lull at the moment, so I just want to wish all you US players a belated Happy Turkey Day.

...and if any of you are from outside the US, I hope you had a Happy Thursday!

I'm still just waiting for someone - anyone! - on the team to take an initiative and find out where Energystar is.

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