We will be using the original Marvel Super Heroes RPG rules from TSR, also known as the FASERIP version of the game. The game will use a mixture of the Basic and Advanced rules, as well as a (very) few concepts from the SAGA version of the game. Familiarity with the original FASERIP rules, as well as Marvel comics from the 1930's through today, would be helpful. Stuff borrowed from the SAGA rules will be explained here as needed.

The Karma rules for improving characters varied somewhat between the various FASERIP editions (there were actually three versions; the Original, the Advanced, and the Revised Basic). A summary of the character improvement options appear below.

Karma Expenditure Rules For Character Improvement:

Basic Set:
Ability or Power Improvement: New rank number x 100 (Shift Z max, once per game year per ability or power)
Popularity: New rank number x 10 plus one act of charity (double for mutants)
Resources: New rank number x 10 PLUS 200

Advanced Set:
Ability Advancement: 10 x current rank number plus 400 when Cresting
Resources: 10 x current rank number plus 200 when Cresting
Popularity: Current rank number x 10 plus one act of charity in the past three weeks
Power Improvement: New power rank x20 plus 500 for Cresting
Power Addition: 3000 plus starting power rank x40 (x10 instead for robots)
Contact: 10 x the Contact’s Resource rank number plus 500

Modifying a Die Roll: 10 + difference

Power Stunts (per try – up to 11 successes):
100 (never tried – red result required, tried 1-3 times: yellow result required, more than 3 - green result required)

Magical Power Stunts (per try – up to 11 successes):
10 per Personal or Universal
50 per Dimensional

Original Rules:
Initial Improvement Fund Cost: 200 Karma
Talent: 500 Karma (max of 1 per game year)
Earning Karma for Charitable Donations: 1 per 100rp donated to charity

The overall combined rules for Karma-based character improvement that I will use in this campaign are in the attached PDF.
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Dice Rolls

If you want to do an action that might require a dice roll, you may use the automatic dice roller in your post. If you do not, I will handle all applicable dice rolls required. If you prefer not to clog posts with die rolls, that's fine; I have no problem handling them all on this end.
In combat, let me know what sort of tactic/attacks you would like to use round-by-round when combat starts. If you prefer to use the same attack form consistantly, that's fine. I will figure you use it unless your character gets some sort of indication that it isn't working as he had expected.
If you want a specific result for an action you are going to perform, tell me in the post you want to spend Karma to get a [insert color here] result.
Once the character backgrounds are complete and posted, I will write the introductoy narative, post it, and set you free to romp around the Mighty Marvel Universe!
Once the characters in the party "gel", you folks may want to start a Karma Pool for them if you can afford it.

Charging Rules

Since there's different rules and someone has already asked, here's what I'm using for charging rules to see if someone hits:

Endurance FEAT plus 1 CS for every area moved through up to a max bonus of +3 CS, not to exceed Shift X 150 (or Shift Z 500 in extreme cases).* [Page 27, Advanced Player's Book, with slight modification]

For damage, use Strength plus 1 CS for every area moved through (typically no more than +3 CS, except in extreme cases*), not to exceed Shift X 150 (or Shift Z 500 in extreme cases).* [Original Basic Set Battle Book, with slight modification]

* Extreme cases to be determined by the GM. It's good to be GM.

Blue Results

A modified Marvel rule I found online a while back that I kind of liked. I was reminded of it by that last "5" result for a power roll.
A Blue Result is:
A 1-6 result on a Shift 0 to Poor 4 check
A 1-3 result on a Typical 5 to Incredible 45 check
A 1 on a Amazing 46 to Shift Z 500 check
This is not only a failure but, at the GM's discretion, a spectacular failure. I reserve the right to take full advantage of Blue Results whenever one occurs and I'm feeling spunky.


I didn't think of posting this before, but hero4hire just made me think of it. I usually determine Initiative order to save time and just let players post their actions, then rearrange them as neccessary, so there's no need to post your initiative roll, wait for everyone else's, and then post your action. Normally, I'd say just to post your actions and I'll resolve them.
In cases like the current one, however, where it's essentially player vs. player, it wouldn't be a bad idea to do Initiative first and seperate from actions.
If you do want to post your Initiative, that's fine. Just use 1d10 plus the number of ranks your Intuition is above Typical as a bonus.

The Universal Table

Since someone asked, here's a handy copy of the Universal Table.

Note that the BLUE areas are not part of the offical rules. I consider them "GM's Whim".

Spending Karma

To improve a d100 roll, Karma is spent on a 1-Karma-for-1-point-adjustment basis (as per the original Marvel rules), not a 25-points-per-color-category-chage basis like in the recently revised 4C System rules.

If you say you want to spend Karma before a roll and make the roll anyway, I don't penalize you the minimum 10 Karma (all together now: "thank you most kind and merciful GM!" ).

You cannot retroactively go back and decide to spend Karma after knowing the result of a dice roll, however (all together now: "Boo! Hiss! Nasty GM!" [celebrity is so fickle]).

You can spend Karma to positively affect someone else's d100 roll; essentially this is the instantaneous creation of a two-member Karma Pool.


Recovery: If you don't fall unconscious for ten turns after the last time you take damage, you gain your Endurance rank in Health back. If you do fall unconscious in that time (or as a result of your last damage), you don't get Recovery.

Healing: One hour after your last injury, you gain your Endurance rank in Health back.

Every day after that, you regain your Endurance rank in Health per day. This rate is doubled by bedrest and medical supervision (doctors or hospitals).


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