When Blocking, you can not take any other actions. The Body Armor resulting from your Strength FEAT is applied first before any Body Armor or Body Resistance powers are taken into account.

See page 28 of the Advanced Player's Book for reference.

Marksmans Talent

Based on the write up in the Basic, Advanced, and Revised Basic rules, the Marksman Talent applies to weapons only, not to Powers.

Karma Pool/Swear Jar

(Copied over from the OOC thread, just so I can find it easily.)

You know how some people put a quarter/dollar/whatever into a "swear jar" whenever they swear, in order to try and get themselves to stop?

With the rich role-playing conversations we have, I am establishing a "fine" of 1 Karma Point for any behavior that would not be approved by the Comics Code Authority. This Karma would go into your team's Karma Pool (so you really aren't losing Karma).

This is NOT intended to punish or reprimand players or their characters AT ALL. I just thought it would be a humorous way of "forcing" contributions to a Karma Pool, keeping a Silver Age feel to the game, and is intended for amusement (and Karma Pool building) purposes only. All Karma Points contributed in this manner would be determined by me. Heck, your character could even make your own donation to the team's Karma Pool simply through a well-placed rant (within the guidelines for appropriate behavior as determined by myth-weavers, of course) if you wish!


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