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What's Your Consolation Benefit?

What's Your Consolation Benefit?

So, given the projected exhaustion of Social Security well before most of us in the US will be able to reap the benefits we've paid into, what do you think you'd accept as a fair trade-off?

I think I'd like full tax exemption, and a lifetime pass that allows me to open-handed slap ten people in the face (annually) without fear of legal consequences.

I wish there were respawns so I could beat someone to within an inch of there life just so they couldn't respawn at 100%.

One fully functional and ready to go tactical nuke.

Originally Posted by JAMFTW View Post
One fully functional and ready to go tactical nuke.
Damn, I should've asked for that one. Now they'll probably all be gone by the time I hit retirement age.

Originally Posted by Mordae View Post
The ability to fire a single US public official per year, no questions asked.
Ooh, well played.

The ability to fire any one in the banks, NHS, or Government once a month without any questions being asked.

A pass which lets me fart in public shamelessly, and free access to any elevators and a can of baked beans (vegan only).

A pass that allows me to get a paid vacation every year, and be able to slap 15 people every day legally.
The dragon is in your village, eating your peoples!!
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