Dark Heresy Quick Reference Guide

Dark Heresy Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide

Table of contents
  1. Combat Difficulty Mods...............[CMODS]
  2. Combat Actions.........................[CMBTA]
  3. Hit Locations.............................[HITLOC]
  4. Ranged Weapon Rules...............[RNGWP]

Difficulty Modifier Example
Easy +30 Attacking a surprised opponent
Shooting a massive target
Shooting a target at point blank range
Routine +20 Close combat with foe who is outnumbered by 3 to 1 or more
Attacking a stunned opponent
Shooting an opponent with fully automatic fire
Shooting an enormous target
Ordinary +10 Close combat with foe who is outnumbered 2 to 1
Attacking a Prone opponent
Attacking from higher ground
Shooting a target with semi-auto fire
Shooting a hulking target
shooting a target at short range
Challengingt +0 Standard attack
Difficult -10 Attacking whilst knocked down
Attacking or dodging whilst in mud or heavy rain
Shooting target at long range
shooting a scrawny target
Hard -20 A called shot to a specific location
Shooting into melee combat
Dodging whilst prone
Making an unarmed attack against an armed opponent
Secondary hand attack
Attacking with a weapon in either hand
Close combat attack in darkness
Shooting at a target in fog, mist or shadow
Shooting a puny target
Using a weapon without the correct talent
Very Hard -20 Try and knock an opponent to the ground (see pg 190)

Combat Actions [CMBTA]

Attack Actions
All out Attack (Full) +20 to WS, cannot dodge or parry
Charge (Full) Must move at least 4 metres and attack with a +10 to WS
Defensive Stance (Full) Enemies -20 WS, you cannot attack
Feint (Half) Opposed WS test, if you win, your next attack cannot be dodged or parried.
Full Auto Burst (Full) +20 to BS, additional hit for every degree of success.
Grapple (Full) Make a grapple attack (see pg 190)
Guarded Attack (Full) -10 WS, +10 to parry and dodge
Knock Down (Half) Try and knock an opponent to the ground (see pg 190)
Multiple Attacks (Full) Use Swift Attack or Lightning attack talents to make multiple attacks
Overwatch (Varies) Shoot targets coming into a set kill zone, targets suffer -20 to pinning test (see pg 190)
Semi-Auto Burst (Full) +10 to BS, additional hit for ever two degrees of sucess
Standard Attack (Half) Make one melee or ranged attack.
Stun (Full) Try and stun an opponent
Suppressing Fire (Full) Force opponents to take cover -20 to BS (see pg 191)

Move Actions
Disengage (Full) Break out of melee combat and move.
Jump/Leap (Full) Make a leap or jump (pg 214 in book).
Manoeuvre (Half) Opposed WS test, if you win, move enemy 1 metre.
Move (Half/Full) Move up to your movement as a half action or twice your movement as a full action.
Run (Full) Move triple Enemies -20 BS and +20 WS.
Stand/Mount (Half) Stand up or mount a riding animal.
Tactical Advance (Full) Move from cover to cover.

Miscellaneous Actions
Aim (Half/Full) +10 bonus to hit as half action, +20 bonus to hit as full on next attack.
Delay (Half) Before your next turn take any half action. (if you don't use it, you lose it).
Dodge (Reaction) Test Dodge to negate a hit.
Focus Power (Varies) Manifest a psychic power.
Parry (Reaction) Test WS to negate an hit.
Ready (Half) Ready a weapon or item.
Reload (Varies) Reload a ranged weapon.
Use Skill (Varies) Use a skill.

Hit Locations [HITLOC]
Reverse digits in roll to hit. (example)
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 84
Attack 84 => 48,
Sweet merciful Buddha if you guys reach the point you can hit on an 84
body hit.
1-10 Head
11-20 Right arm
21-30 Left arm
31-70 body
71-85 Right leg
86-00 Left leg

Ranged Weapon Rules [RNGWP]
Semi/Full Automatic Weapons: +10 BS, for every 2 degrees of success gain another hit as indicated on the Multiple Hits Table, Or can be allocated to another target within 2m. Result of 94-100 on BS test indicates weapon has jammed.
Overwatch: You take a Full Turn to establish a kill zone 45-degrees from your facing and up to half the range of the weapon. You may spend subsequent turns waiting for targets to enter the zone. You may take the Full Auto Burst action to shoot any targets entering the zone, targets must make a Hard (-20) Willpower Test or become Pinned. Overwatch may be maintained up to your WP bonus in hours, or until the full burst action has been used.
Suppressive Fire You can suppress an area 45-degrees from your facing and up to half the range of the weapon. Targets within this area must make a hard(-20) Ballistic Skill test to determine if anyone in the area has been hit, GM assigns hit to random target. An extra hit is scored for every 2 degrees of success. Result of 94-100 on BS test indicates weapon has jammed.
Pinning: Pinned Targets have half actions only and suffer -20 BS and must keep cover between them and the shooter. Test WP to recover at the end of the turn. +30 if not shot at. If engaged in melee, automatically escape.
Firing into Melee: Firing at a target engaged in melee combat gives a -20 penalty. If your attack would have connected if it weren't for the penalty then your shot hits the target's opponent.

Multiple Hits from Semi and Full Auto Fire
Location Second Third Fourth Fifth Each Additional Hit
Head Head ArmBody Arm Body
Arm Arm Body Head Body Arm
Body Body Arm Head Arm Body
Leg Leg Body Arm Head Body

Thanks to Justin for putting this together in his Dark Heresy game.

Craftmanship Qualities
QualityPrice ModifierMelee Qualities Ranged QualitiesArmour Qualities
Poorx0.5Weapon incurs -10 to hitWeapon gains Unreliable trait-10 to wearer's Agility tests
Commonx1No adjustmentsNo adjustmentsNo adjustments
Goodx3+5 to hit, one random stat gains a bonusWeapon gains Reliable trait, one random stat gains a bonusAP is increased by 1 against first attack in any round of combat, one random characteristic increased through armour integration systems
+10 to hit, +1 to weapons damage, two random stat gain increases
Weapon never jams or overheats, two random stats gain increases
AP increased by 1, two random characteristics increased through armour integration systems

Weapon Special Qualities
AccurateAdditional +10 to hit and additional 1d10 of damage for each degree of success on a hit when used with an Aim action. Damage caps at an extra 2d10.
Balanced Weapon gives a +10 to Parry Tests
Blast (X)All within the weapon's blast radius are hit where X is the radius in meteres. Roll for hit location adn damage for each individual hit separately.
DefensiveWeapon receives a +15 to Parry Tests, but -10 on WS Tests to hit
FlameNo BS Test to hit. All creatures in a 30 degree arc make an Agility Test or are struck and take damage. If damage is taken, target must succeed on a second Agility Test or be set on fire.
FlexibleWeapon cannot be parried.
InaccurateWeapon gains no bonuses from Aim actions
OverheatsUnmodified roll of 91 or more on a BS roll to hit causes Overheat
Power FieldWhen Parrying an attack made with a weapon that lacks this quality, there is a 75% chance of destroying the attacker's weapon.
PrimitiveAP of target hit is doubled unless their armour also has the Primitive Quality
RechargeCan only fire every-other Round
ReliableIf a
Unmodified roll of 96-100
Jam is rolled,roll 1d10 and only on a roll of 10 has it Jammed
ScatterAt Point Blank range, each two degrees of success scores another hit. If fired at Long or Extreme range, target's AP is doubled.
ShockingIf weapon causes Damage, test Toughness or be Stunned. Target receives +10 to test for each point of Armour
SmokeCreates smoke screen 1d10 meters in diameter, lasts 2d10 rounds.
SnareThe target must make an Agility Test or be immobilized. An immobilized target can attempt no other Actions except to try to escape the bonds with either a Strength or Agility Test on their turn. Until free, they are considered helpless.
TearingRoll two dice for Damage, take the best result.
ToxicIf weapon causes damage, target Tests Toughness at -5 for every point of Damage taken. If failed, target takes an extra 1d10 Impact Damage with no Armour or Toughness reduction.
UnbalancedWeapon incurs a -10 to Parry Tests
UnreliableWeapon James on an umodified roll of 91-00
UnstableOn a successful hit, roll 1d10. 1: Inflicts half Damage, 2-9:Inflicts normal Damage, 10: Inflicts Double Damage
UnwieldyWeapon cannot be used to Parry

Weapon Overheating
1-5The firer must make a Toughness Test or drop the weapon. The weapon cannot be fired for 1d10 rounds
6-8The firer takes 1d10+2 Energy damage and must drop the weapon. In addition the weapon is too hot to pick up (anyone trying to takes 1d10+1 Energy damage) for 1d10 rounds
9-10The weapon explodes and is destroyed. The firer and anyone within four meters takes Damage as if they had taken a single hit from the weapon

Armour Special Qualities
PrimitiveOnly provides full protection against attacks made with weapons that also have the Primitive quality. Against all others, provides half the normal AP (round up)
FlakCounts as AP 5 against any hit from a weapon with the Blast quality, provided the wearer was not at the point of origins.
MeshExtremely lightweight armour despite the amount of protection it can provide.
CarapaceHighly durable and protective armour, but heavier and cannot be concealed.
PowerAdds +20 to wearer's Strength Characteristic and increases their size by one step. Also requires a constant power supply, which must be carried by the wearer usually in the form of a backpack. Standard non-military power supply lasts for 1d5 hours before needing replacement or recharge. Must be wearing the Arms, Legs and Body portions to receive the Strength bonus.
Light PowerSame as Power, except it only confers a +10 to the wearer's Strength and does not increase their size by one step.

Carrying, Lifting, Pushing Capacities
Add your Strength and Toughness Bonuses
00.9 kg2.25 kg4.5 kg
12.25 kg4.5 kg9 kg
24.5 kg9 kg18 kg
49 kg18 kg36 kg
418 kg36 kg72 kg
527 kg54 kg108 kg
636 kg72 kg144 kg
745 kg90 kg180 kg
856 kg112 kg225 kg
967 kg135 kg270 kg
1078 kg157 kg315 kg
1190 kg180 kg360 kg
12112 kg225 kg450 kg
13225 kg450 kg900 kg
14337 kg675 kg1350 kg
15450 kg900 kg1800 kg
16678kg1350 kg2700kg
17900 kg1800 kg3600 kg
181350 kg2700 kg5400 kg
191800 kg3600 kg7200 kg
202250kg4500 kg9000kg

Falling Damage
Distance FallenDamage
3 meters1d10+3
6 meters1d10+5
9 meters1d10+7
12 meters1d10+9
15 meters1d10+11
18 meters1d10+13
21 meters1d10+15
24 meters1d10+17
25+ meters1d10+20

Movement (Meters/Round)
Agility BonusHalf MoveFull MoveChargeRun

Income and Social Class
Social ClassThrones/MonthRank IncreaseDescription
Outcasts(Scum)20*Special*Those that have no rightful place within the structure of Imperial society, living below even the lowest classes.
Drudging Classes303Those that work in the fields, factoriums and hives of the Imperium, by far making up the bulk of mankind.
Military Class(Guardsmen)505Those that fight.
Supine Class(Arbitors, PSykers, Sororitas)707Those that serve classes better than themselves, benefiting from the wealth of their masters.
Learned Class(Adepts)10010Those that make their way with knowledge
Trading Classes(Assassins)12012Those that buy adn sell or have the specialist trades with which to make their living
Mechanicus(Tech-Priest)15015Those that follow the Machine God are a class unto themselves
Ministorum(Clerics)20020Those of the Cult of the Emperor and benefit greatly from the uncounted wealth of His domain
Nobility50050Those born to wealth and power by right of blood.
Unbound Classes<Expunged>--Those with the freedom to travel the Imperium as they wish, such as Inquisitors of the dreaded Ordos or elusive Rogue Traders

* See Table: Scum Income

Scum Income

FB = Fellowship Bonus, AB = Agility Bonus, IB = Intelligence Bonus, FP = Fate Points

Using a Fate Point:
  • Using a Fate Point only reduces your current Fate Point total by one.
    You may...
  • Re-roll any one failed Test. The results of the re-roll are final.
  • Count as having rolled a 10 for your Initiative
  • Add an extra degree of success to a Test already passed
  • Instantly recover 1d5 Wounds
  • Recover from being Stunned

Burning a Fate Point:
  • You may burn a Fate Point even if you have used all your Fate Points
  • Burning a Fate Point permanently reduces your total Fate Points by one.
  • Burning a Fate Point will save you from most forms of death
  • You will be restored to 0 Wounds and will be rendered Unconcious. No effects from the Critical Damage table will be applied.

Used Fate Points will be restored Every two weeks.
Permanent Fate Points will be rewarded per my discretion for particular acts of
Read:Not being retarded
heroism, cunning or good roleplaying, or generally impressing me.
Example: We begin playing July 2nd. Fate Points will be restored July 16th, then 30th, and so on.

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