The First of Many

The First of Many

John's light starts to grow dim. Something big flutters down from the ceiling. It went unnoticed at first, most likely due to it's coloration. Shivers of fear radiate through many of the heroes as they encounter their very first monster, and it is beyond belief. It looks like some sort of
flying octopus creature cloaked in ripples of shadow. It swoops down on Vicky, looking to pick off what it considers easy prey. It catches the heroes a bit offguard as it descends on them.

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Jared is as suprised as the others as the bog, winged, shadowed thing from out of a horror movie floats down from the roof.

"I guess we know what crushed those orcs now."

Oddly, once the initial shock has gone, Jared doesn't seem to find the thing as scary as he should. He slips out from his position in the party, and begins to bind the gloom and shadows to his will.


Vicky looks up with huge eyes at the strange thing hanging in the roof. 'We're supposed to fight that?' she thinks to herself.

A rush of confidence comes to her aid, from the part of her mind that was touched by the swirling chaos. 'Yes, this time I'm neither helpless nor alone,' she replies to her own question.

She gambles that the huge thing isn't going to 'land' as she moves underneath the creature. 'Can't reach the creature,' she quickly evalutes, 'but if it tries to reach us, I'll have something to hit in return.'

"If any of you know anything about this creature, let us know," she calls to the others, not too loud to avoid being deafened by the echoes.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan comes around to see people shouting and shifting to combat stances. Oh hell, he thinks to himself and quickly approaches the group. He can make the faint outline of something unusual in floating in the air. "Darkmantlers!" He shouts as it comes into view. He drops his torch. Sets his stance as if born by years of training, instead of something he'd just acquired little more than an couple of hours ago, and charges toward the strange beast with his glaive held high.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

Puzzled, John looks at his light wondering why it went dim he look up at the flying octopus creature. Its to far up I can't hit it with my sword... hmm i have a attack...

John misses with his attack.

Allyria lurches a little, unbelievably still nauseous from the stench of the previous room. "Darkmantle..." She murmurs weakly to Vicky. How did she recognize it? Maybe remembering some sort of monster manual she'd read back on Earth, or perhaps this is from the bard's encyclopedic knowledge. "Some sort of...aberration....hunts using some kind of should be sensitive to loud noise..."

She wiggles her nose a little, casting a minor spell at the monster that causes it to completely lose focus and bumble through her allies. She then moves to put a little more space between herself and the horrific beast.

Allyria - Eladrin Bard

"Holy!..." For a moment, Jack thinks about turning and leaving the rest to deal with this. But he steels himself and readies himself for battle. "Someone ground this thing!"

He opens his mouth and fires his dragon breath at the creature, hoping to maybe freeze it enough to fall.


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