The First of Many


Natural 1 results... Unbelievably Sweaty

ZhuGuan loses the grip on his weapon and flings it into the wall beside him. It clatters and clangs against the doorway and corner, dropping at ZhuGuan's feet. The sweat that has already begun to accumulate on his brow pours down into his eyes temporarily blinding him. And then he starts to notice the smell...

The First of Many - Round 2

"Holy!..." For a moment, Jack thinks about turning and leaving the rest to deal with this. But he steels himself and readies himself for battle. "Someone ground this thing!"

Jared is as surprised as the others as the big, winged, shadowed thing from out of a horror movie floats down from the roof. "I guess we know what crushed those orcs now."

Oddly, once the initial shock has gone, Jared doesn't seem to find the thing as scary as he should. He slips out from his position in the party, and begins to bind the gloom and shadows to his will. Jared tries to frighten the creature, perhaps to try and scare it off. Unfortunately for the halfling, he seems to have no effect on the creature... he doubts he even hit it.

Vicky looks up with huge eyes at the strange thing hanging in the roof. 'We're supposed to fight that?' she thinks to herself.

A rush of confidence comes to her aid, from the part of her mind that was touched by the swirling chaos. 'Yes, this time I'm neither helpless nor alone,' she replies to her own question.

She gambles that the huge thing isn't going to 'land' as she moves underneath the creature. 'Can't reach the creature,' she quickly evaluates, 'but if it tries to reach us, I'll have something to hit in return.'

"If any of you know anything about this creature, let us know," she calls to the others, not too loud to avoid being deafened by the echoes.

ZhuGuan comes around to see people shouting and shifting to combat stances. Oh hell, he thinks to himself and quickly approaches the group. He can make the faint outline of something unusual in floating in the air. "Darkmantles!" He shouts as it comes into view. He drops his torch. Sets his stance as if born by years of training, instead of something he'd just acquired little more than an couple of hours ago, and charges toward the strange beast with his glaive held high. He rushes forward and cuts into the massive floating beast sending a spray of blood down in a shower.

Puzzled, John looks at his light wondering why it went dim. He looks up at the flying octopus creature. It's too far up... I can't hit it with my sword... hmm... I have an attack. He tries to attack the creature with a psychic attack that will shield an ally from the creature's strange mind... making him invisible to the darkmantle. John misses with his attack.

Allyria lurches a little, unbelievably still nauseous from the stench of the previous room. "Darkmantle..." She murmurs weakly to Vicky. How did she recognize it? Maybe remembering some sort of monster manual she'd read back on Earth, or perhaps this is from the bard's encyclopedic knowledge. "Some sort of...aberration....hunts using some kind of echolocation... it should be sensitive to loud noise..."

"Loud noises you say?" ZhuGuan says hurriedly from his strategic position away from the Darkmantle. "You think if we all shouted really loud it's scare it off?" He grinned at the suggestion, it didn't sound all that reasonable to him either but then quite a bit of their current situation lacked reason.

She wiggles her nose a little, casting a minor spell at the monster that causes it to completely lose focus and bumble through her allies. She then moves to put a little more space between herself and the horrific beast. Her attack allows ZhuGuan to take another swing at the beast. ZhuGuan loses his grip on his weapon and flings it into the wall beside him. It clatters and clangs against the doorway and corner, dropping at ZhuGuan's feet. The sweat that has already begun to accumulate on his brow pours down into his eyes temporarily blinding him. And then he starts to notice the smell...

"Oh man!" says Hurm as the smell starts to hit him. He looks back at Guan, "Is that you???"

Vicky, who had been ready and waiting attacks the creature as it descends. She hits it with a thunderous boom that is increased thanks to the strange echoing room. Her attack lingers with the creature. Jack ignites his sword seeing the others becoming so invested in this battle. Flames dance along the blade and Jack Fox takes a swing. His sword tears into the creature with ferocity. The darkmantle wails a bit from all the damage that has been afflicted on it.

Hurm weaves in and out of the combat, still a little off-put by ZhuGuan's smell. He maneuvers his way around to the other side of the flying creature. He stabs at it with his life drinking sword, but misses the large target. The creature bellows loudly in either rage or pain. The sound echoes and resonates in the room causing everyone in the room, and Guan Yu just outside it, to have their eardrums
10 Damage, ZhuGuan only takes 5.
rupture and bleed. Allyria is the only one spared the creature's wrath.

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

Jared grits his teeth against the pain, and shakes his head trying to clear it of the ringing. The shadow of the Darkmantle moves a little, catching his attention. Jared flicks out his rod and shadows stream from it in the direction of the monster.

Jared must have misjudged where the Darkmantle was within it covering shade, for his own stream of shadows streams by it, petering out into the darkness.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

"It is... uh... half-elf thing..." ZhuGuan lies to Hurm about his horrible and sudden B.O. He has no idea where that comes from. It makes no sense to him and he chalks it up to one more thing brought on by magic. Especially since he suddenly can't see as a flood of sweat blinds his eyes. That's just not natural!

He is about to attack the Darkmantle again when one of his four remaining senses is assaulted with the Darkmantle's amplified screech. Stunned, blind, and deaf ZhuGuan does what any hero would do. He puts his hands in front of his face and stumbles in a direction he hopes places a wall between himself and the Darkmantle and away from the echo chamber. Not in the face, not in the face, he thinks to himself. That's a lot funnier when it's not true, he muses in sarcasm as he stumbles in a blind, deaf, smelly daze.


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