The First of Many

The First of Many - Round 3

"It is... uh... half-elf thing..." ZhuGuan lies to Hurm about his horrible and sudden B.O. He has no idea where that comes from. It makes no sense to him and he chalks it up to one more thing brought on by magic. Especially since he suddenly can't see as a flood of sweat blinds his eyes. That's just not natural!

Jared grits his teeth against the pain, and shakes his head trying to clear it of the ringing. The shadow of the Darkmantle moves a little, catching his attention. Jared flicks out his rod and shadows stream from it in the direction of the monster. Jared must have misjudged where the Darkmantle was within it covering shade, for his own stream of shadows streams by it, petering out into the darkness.

ZhuGuan is about to attack the Darkmantle again when one of his four remaining senses is assaulted with the Darkmantle's amplified screech. Stunned, blind, and deaf ZhuGuan does what any hero would do. He puts his hands in front of his face and stumbles in a direction he hopes places a wall between himself and the Darkmantle and away from the echo chamber. Not in the face, not in the face, he thinks to himself. That's a lot funnier when it's not true, he muses in sarcasm as he stumbles in a blind, deaf, smelly daze.

Vicky grimaces from the loud noise hurting her ears intensely. The pain leaves her shaken, unable to think clearly. 'Need to strike it,' she manages to think through the haze. As she swings her sword, she more feels than hears the voices of the spirits. They empower her strike with something more than strength -- a bit of hope. The feeling is so unfamiliar that it completely distracts her from what she was really doing, namely swinging the sword. She misses the creature despite her desire to end it.

Jack swings again at the creature, sword alight. The sword explodes in a flash of flame upon contact, setting the creature on fire if it works, but unfortunately it doesn't work. Allyria moves a little to the east to try and get a better angle on the monster. "You like to scream, do you?" She asks.

Taking a deep breath, she lets out a single, high pitched, piercing note that seems ready to shatter glass. Her new soprano voice carries the sonic blast through the air towards the flying monster, hoping to knock it back yet again. She hits the beast and slides it past Jack, Vicky and Hurm. Jack takes a quick swipe, but still misses the floating beast.

John looks at the creature. It had finally been in striking range, but Allyria's attack moved it away from him. John's ears still hurt and his stomach as well. The creature is still low enough for an attack though, so he fights through the pain and discomfort and makes his way to the creature. As long as it stays low he'll be able to attack it soon. Hurm is a little upset that he is no longer flanking the creature, but decides to make the most of the situation. Hurm swings his lifedrinking sword at the creature with all of the fury he can muster. He strikes it, cutting it deeply.

The tentacled horror lashes out at Vicky, smashing her hard with it's whip-like appendage. Vicky feels bones crack under the tremendous force. She is barely managing to stay on her feet.

Jared Lees, Halfling, Gloom Pact Binder

"I've had enough of this," Jared growls, his voice oddly devoid of emotion. He scampers up the room, and again flicks his rod sending another stream of dark shadows at the monsters.

However, as soon as the shadows leave the rod they seem to thin and disperse. Jared slaps it against the palm of his free hand. "What is wrong with this thing!" Although he knows he is letting his emotions interfere with his 'magic' it feels good to blame it on something else.

ZhuGuan, half-elf

ZhuGuan blinks a few times as vision comes back to him and shakes the fog from his head. As soon as his eyes are able to focus he runs for his glaive and for another shot at the monstrosity.

John Clarke - Eladrin Revenant Hybrid (Warden/Swordmage)

John shakes his head to trying to ease his discomfort in his stomach. "I'm not going to have a flying octopus make a fool out of me." As John swung his sword with all his might.


Vicky tries to cry out in pain as the tentacle hits her, but she has no air in her lungs to make any sound with. She wheezes as she tries to pull in some fresh air. A hint of desperation is starting to form in her mind.

'No. Not yet,' she steeles herself. She can feel her body pulling from all her reserves, readying itself for the next attack. As she does so, she can feel the spirits close by. She mentally 'tugs' at them and 'sends' them to Hurm, allowing him to pull from his own reserves.

From the back of her mind, a saying from the surgeon room comes to her mind. 'There is no luck, there is only us.'

Allyria - Eladrin Bard

Allyria frowns, watching as the beast slaps his tentacles into her fine feathered friend. Another high pitched scream escapes her elven mouth, partly out of panic. The sound waves blast forward into the disgusting monster, but in her panic she does not focus the blast to do enough damage to hurt the creature.

Jack gives a very dragonborn snarl, but inside he's quite enjoying himself, even as he's getting hurt. Where's fighting BEEN all my life?!


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