Congrats to you, the chosen ones.

Now that you have been selected, I would like to see Character Threads completed (some of you already have done so). Please put Completed at the top of your CT for each character finished. PC, Cohort, minions, etc. Incomplete / unapproved characters may not be used IC. So get cracking!

Each will need to be approved by Jreece. JCB and myself will be adding input where needed.

Also, I would like for each of you to make another Thread in this Thread Group for what is common knowledge about your PC. Make these Private to all in House. CTs are being left private, but it is unreasonable to assume that your PC is a complete mystery to your own family. Write as much as you want on the subject.

C&P: Barmy Berk;ChaosHarbinger;evedgebah;Ikul;kenas;Lady Kakita Ayame;mishra;Nate the Great;Rock_DS;Wippit Guud

Ranks in House (PCs)

The Nobles
Matron: Arvuilendi "Netosarn" Camcarneyar (chaosharbinger)
Daughter Heir: Vel'drizyne Camcarneyar (lady kakita ayame, aka LKA)
Second Daughter: Illivarra Camcarneyar (mishra)
Elderboy / House Wizard: Xavros Camcarneyar (nate the great) MIA

A House Commoner is just as likely to be a peasent as they are to be first cousins of the Noble family. Only the Matrons, siblings (if any in House) and offspring are considered Noble. Even if Vel'drizyne or Illivara had a child that child would be a House Commoner until she became a Matron herself, either replacing Arvuilendi or starting her own House. Often a commoner in an important position, such as Weapon Master or House Wizard will be also be considered Noble, but only for as long as they hold that rank.

In general the males determine their own pecking order.
The Commoners
Second Mage: Athuor Delvon
The d' signifies "Of" House Camcarneyar. The Nobles all have the House name as Surname, where the commoners are all "of" the House.
d'Camcarneyar (rock_ds) MIA
Captain of the Guard: Xuluit Zilil d'Camcarneyar (evedgebah)
Major Domo: Ben'allar do'Rovney Thelliss d'Camcarneyar (wippit guud) DECEASED
Drow Warrior: Rezarion d'Camcarneyar (barmy berk) MIA
Deep Ranger / Monster Handler: Ned'Cirannis d'Camcarneyar (ikul)

Outside the Hierarchy
Advisor to the Matron Mother: Gthshulaj (kenas)

Ranks in House (NPCs)

The Nobles

The Commoners

Outside the Hierarchy


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