Mages of Menzoberranzan

Baenre, Gromph (NPC) - 18th year student in Sorcere. A gifted youth, known trouble-maker and prankster.
Camcarneyar, Quar'idil'lochar (Kansas) - The Spider-Mage. An unusually devote arcanist. Lochar, as he is known, was Questioned several years ago by an Inquisitor of Arach Tinilith (Vel'drizyne Aleandar, Eldest Daughter of Matron Aleandar), and his devotion was found true (otherwise he'd been sacrificed). House Wizard of Camcarneyar.
Do'Urden, Relonoyn (NPC) - House Wizard of Do'Urden. Specialized in Transmutation.
Faen Tlabbar, Ryldax (NPC) - House Wizard of Faen Tlabbar. Secondboy of the House. A Generalist. Contender for Archmage.
Halaseron, Den'ra (Rock_DS) - Den'ra showed a rare aptitude for ancient magics, including Netherese Artifice. House Halaseron fell a couple years ago, Den'ra was presumed dead.
Helvindar, Tluth'wyss (NPC) - a recently retired (recalled to House) Master of Sorcere and Helvindar's House Wizard. Contender for Archmage. Specialized in Conjuration.
Helvindar, Delyn'Xir (NPC) - an illusionist of little worth, younger brother of Tluth'wyss.
Hlarret, Bhintel (Greywolf) - A cousin of the Hlarret ruling family. Bhintel showed great aptitude for conjurations.
Hlarret, Dilrae (Johnblue) - A cousin of the Hlarret ruling family. Dilrae showed great aptitute for illusions and enchantments. A rival with Bhintel for the post of House Wizard.
Hlarret, Jys'aere (Veldri_Nizzre) - Sister-Heiress of Matron Hlarret (who hasn't yet birthed any daughters). During her year in Sorcere, she showed an unusual aptitude for lightning spells for a Priestess. A suspected Sorcerer.
Mizzrym, Rylaghar (NPC) - House Wizard and Patron of House Mizzrym. A generalist.
Oblodra, Orgol'laonar (NPC) - House Wizard of House Oblodra. A powerful generalist with little interest in becoming Archmage.
Symryvvin, Ist'onim (NPC) - House Wizard of Symryvvin. Specialized in Transmutation.
Xorlarrin, Mourn (NPC) - The Archmage of Menzoberranzan. Fifty three years ago he slayed his older brother to earn the mantle. Mourn is a specialist in Conjuration.