DM stuffs

DM stuffs


d'Camcarneyar, Quar'idil'lochar (Kansas) -

House Wizard of Camcarneyar.

Do'Urden, Relonoyn (NPC) - House Wizard of Do'Urden. Specialized in Transmutation.
Faen Tlabbar, Ryldax (NPC) - House Wizard of Faen Tlabbar. Secondboy of the House. A Generalist. Contender for Archmage.
Helvindar, Tluth'wyss (NPC) - a recently retired (recalled to House) Master of Sorcere and Helvindar's House Wizard. Contender for Archmage. Specialized in Conjuration.
Helvindar, Delyn'Xir (NPC) - an illusionist of little worth, younger brother of Tluth'wyss.
Hlarret, Bhintel (NPC) - A cousin of the Hlarret ruling family. Bhintel showed great aptitude for conjurations.
Hlarret, Dilrae (NPC) - A cousin of the Hlarret ruling family. Dilrae showed great aptitute for illusions and enchantments. A rival with Bhintel for the post of House Wizard.
Hlarret, Jys'aere (NPC) - Sister-Heiress of Matron Hlarret (who hasn't yet birthed any daughters). During her year in Sorcere, she showed an unusual aptitude for lightning spells for a Priestess. A suspected Sorcerer.
Mizzrym, Rylaghar (NPC) - House Wizard and Patron of House Mizzrym. A generalist.
Ooustric, Orgol'laonar (NPC) - House Wizard of House Ooustric. A powerful generalist with little interest in becoming Archmage.
Symryvvin, Ist'onim (NPC) - House Wizard of Symryvvin. Specialized in Transmutation.
Xorlarrin, Mourn (NPC) - The Archmage of Menzoberranzan. Fifty three years ago he slayed his older brother to earn the mantle. Mourn is a specialist in Conjuration.

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