Nalathini, Priestess of Winter"
NE, Female, Malenti, 24 years old
1? | Druid 5
Nalathini is slender and petite. exceedingly petite and slender. She loves flowing decorative gowns and jewelry, favoring anything close to a blood red color. Here skin is a pale milky white and her wild dark hair is cropped short. Her dragonfly-like wings are a blended pale pink that fade into black along the edges. Her teeth are narrow and they all come to a point like nothing more than a mouth full of small jagged knifes.

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Cover all the lands with ice. Quench fire wherever it is found. Let in the winds and the cold; cut down windbreaks and chop holes in walls and roofs that my breath may come in. Work in darkness to hide the cursed sun so that the chill I bring may slay. Take the life of an arctic creature only in great need, but slay others at will. Make all Faerun fear me.
- Dogma of Auril, from the White Codicil
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Silent Night
The fishing village lay dead quiet, the glistening snow bathed in pale moonlight. Aside from a stray wind tossed not a sound could be heard. Loose eaves of the upper window in house flapped back and forth in the wind and still there was silence.

Their baby was found, unharmed, covered in her own fathers' blood, lying amidst scattered entrails and shattered bone with her mother sitting slack jawed, slumped over the arm of a nearby chair, staring at the grisly scene. Small boot prints of blood showed that those responsible had left out the window facing the nearby forests edge.