Oh, Rats!



The rats crawl up Vicky's legs and bit everything they can, including tearing off feathers. Vicky tries as best she can to hit them back, but even if she hits and kills a few of them, they are too many to keep away that easily.

'I wonder how many ways this dungeon is going to hurt my feathers,' she thinks to herself, 'after getting them seared by fire and burned by acid, now they're getting nibbled on.' Even though she's clearly hurt, she feels surprisingly calm. There are a lot of big rats, but it feels like she's fighting on her "home ground", since she's somehow very familiar with these beasts.

Seeing them go for Jared too, she decides to try a risky maneuver. She moves around John to get into a better position, leaving herself open for a second. Fortunately for her, she manages to shake the rats off her legs before they can bite her any more.

With a sweeping strike, she attacks with both steel and spirits. The spirits aid her by making the very ground grasp at the rats, preventing them from easily moving away.

Vicky grins satisfied, but many stings of pain from her legs remind her that she can't go on like this for very long. "Allyria," Vicky calls out, "Help me"

Allyria - Eladrin Bard

Allyria sighs, the bleeding from the rats' biting still causing her some small amount of pain. When the shambling corpse that was once an eladrin goes charging past her, he is soon followed by other adventurers, each one eager to be humped by rats, apparently. "Okay, so we're doing it like that, then..."

She opens the door and looks into the room, quickly scanning it for any other threats. Seeing just the rats, she shrugs again. Annoying traps at every turn designed to humiliate the party, encounters featuring a single monster...I think we may have stumbled into a third edition dungeon.. She thinks to herself, somewhat amused. She then channels what energy she can towards the swarming minds, trying to deter them.

That done, she speaks a quick word of encouragement to Vicky, which seems itself to have the power of closing her wounds.


Vicky takes the opportunity to strike at the rats. She feels encouraged by Allyria's presence and nods a thanks in the middle of the heated battle.

Powerful devils from the Nine Hells sometimes take an interest in the violence of the natural world, or other dimensions. Using arcane crystals, they may spy on random moments and if deemed interesting, place bets on the outcome of the battle. The trouble is, some are able to quietly influence the outcome from afar.

The noses of those in the room with the rats fill with brimstone and ash. The ground fissures and moans as scalding, jagged volcanic glass rises up around them all. One breaks up through the ground right in front of ZhuGuan causing his torch that he left to roll up against the wall. The dead darkmantle's body begins to sizzle from one that breaks up between it and Allyria.

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