x3--: Season 3 OOC

x3--: Season 3 OOC

This is where we ramble on about nothing during season 3.

Taking 20 on that check would take hours IG; Jack, or at least Tyra (?) Zyra will (both) be long-dead :P

Originally Posted by Michael J Steel View Post
Isn't take 20, doing it 20 times over and as Grey always just galnzing on the sensors say it take 3 sec to glance, take 20 would take 1 minute

Originally Posted by drkrough View Post
*glares at Chim*

Going to take away your rulebooks.
You'll have to pry them from my cold, dead, cyberneticically enhanced hands.

Originally Posted by tsuyoshikentsu View Post

"Taking 20 take twenty times as long as making a single check" Core Book p.60

The only rules I find for scanning is Perception sill: Search maneuver, takes a full round action. A full round is how long? 6secunds? It would mean 2minutes then, or do you find any other rules about it?

Scanning an entire planet should be time consuming, in my opinion. Therefore, Speed of Plot, go Narrow Go!


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