Issue Eleven: The Revenge Of Kang

As soon as Punisher tosses the grenade to the floor, Benni stops breathing and chases the Punisher into the back room. She is the closest one to him and the most invulnerable, so she should keep on him, chase him out to where Blackbird can surprise him, this time the man isn't going to escape! She hopes.

Endurance roll: Amazing
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 16

Benni chases after Punisher, trying to grab and restrain him. Strength: remarkable
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 85


Blackbird (outside)
Centennial Man
Silver Hawk

The stun grenade has apparently taken a nasty toll on Christopher, who is stunned for three rounds and whose eyes are tearing so bad, his vision has been significantly reduced (Good Intuition for next three rounds).

Benni is stunned as well, but only momentarily (one round). The gas released by the grenade seems to have a lesser effect on her physiology.

Previously a Private note for Blackbird:
It appears Blackbird made a good call. Just a few seconds after his flyover of the building, Punisher exits the rear of the building. Seeing the police at the end of the alley, he moves up the fire escape. Running across the rooftops, Punisher actually leaps off the roof and makes it to the top of Schweinenger's Furs. A pistol in each hand, Punisher fires a shot at Blackbird while visibly rolling his eyes at the unexpected presence of the hero. A second shot shatters the skylight over the furs boutique as Punisher dives through and inside the shop.


A small projectile bounces off Blackbird's smokey aura. At least he was kind enough to use a rubber bullets.

Blackbird smirks, faintly, and clicks his comm.

"Blackbird here. The Punisher just left the rooftop and is in the store south-west of your previous position - he used the skylight. He's fast enough that I didn't get off a shot, but he is being kind enough to use nonlethal means on us. It'd probably be nice if we did the same."

Benni staggers as the gas hits her, not having shut off her breathing in time and as she staggers into the wall, she makes a mental note to turn off her breathing before she enters a dangerous situation, shaking her head, her body quickly breaks down the drug and cleans it from her system as she hears Blackbird over the radio, but unable to answer quite yet.

Centennial Man jumps into the air, keeps his body airborne, and starts to fly out of the five-and-dime. He stops momentarily and turns to face the police.

"He's not doing too well," he says, pretty much overstating the obvious. He then adds, "But he's guilty of something. Whatever he did, he told me regrets his actions."

Then Centennial Man speeds out. He weaves his way around obstacless, zigging south and zagging west, and heads right into the broken skylight that Blackbird had just described.

Silver Hawk AKA Chris try's to stumble his way blindly out of the building.
Dice Roll: 1d100
d100 Results: 3
Intuition/ In Silver Hawk is only worried about getting out any which way will work.


Blackbird (outside)
Benni (no longer stunned)
Punisher (we are here) *
Centennial Man (waiting on Edurance FEAT to resolve his last declared actions)
Silver Hawk (stunned for two more rounds)

Give me an Endurance FEAT for Centennial Man, and I will then resolve his actions You can give me his actions for his next turn as well, if you like, as he will be going right after the Punisher.

Christopher manages to stagger out of he building - through the front door - still coughing and rubbing his eyes. He can continue to move but can take no other actions for two rounds. He does hear Blackbird's message, however.

Benni (following her previous intent) heads into the back room Punisher darted through and finds herself on the fire escape behind the building. Blackbird and Benni can easily spot each other at this point. Police at the far end of the alley, are scrambling in response to what just happened.

Centennial Man sputters and coughs from the effects of the gaseous grenade. It seems his superhuman immune system momentarily fought off the chemicals compounds, but the smoke eventually got the better of the young hero.

Originally Posted by pisceanpaul View Post
I had rolled CM's END roll on the first page.
Oops! Sorry! I missed that. CM is stunned for one round (my dice like you apparently).


Blackbird (outside - we are here) *
Benni (no longer stunned)
Centennial Man (no longer stunned)
Silver Hawk (stunned for one more rounds)

Centennial Man stumbles out the front of the store where, with a recovering Christopher Michaels, he manages to fill in the police on what happened so far. one knows what he's doing...but he's somewhere inside that building...

Hey! Isn't anyone going to tend to the dying guy?

Blackbird keys his commcard and requests a schematic of all the buildings - or at least all entrances, exits, and join points. Yes, including sewer access.


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