Issue Eleven: The Revenge Of Kang

Benni activates the commcard, "Punisher is heading east, I have him in sight!" Then the tall woman gives chase, running after the vigilante.

"if someone hasn't done it already," Centennial Man calls out to anyone around the tavern and within earshot, "phone 9-1-1. This man is stabilized, but he will need attention and questioning afterwards. I gotta go. There's a psycho, gun-toting vigilante I need to chase down"

The young hero sprints away from the tavern and leaps into the air, letting his telekinesis and the thermals around him carry him away.

"It's Centennial Man. I'm en route." He looks around from his bird's eye view, frantically looking for signs and landmarks. "Um, I don't have a compass. Where's my east?"

In a streak, Centennial Man flies in a diagnal line towards the street, lifts the manhole cover, and drops down. He replaces the cover and streaks eastbound through the stinky, dank tunnels of the city's sewer system.

CM drops into the sewer between Benni and the Punisher. All three now being aware of each other's presence. Punisher reveals a grenade in each hand, pulls the pins, and hurls them westward down the stinking sewer towards the heroes...

Chris begins to shake off the effects of the tear gas grenade literally shaking them off. Once he is clear he turns to the closest police officer. Pardon me officer how is the shooting victim doing, and what have you found out about what he was doing in there.

Centennial Man's instincts kick in as he sees the grenades spiraling towards him. He mind reaches out and attempts to catch the small bombs in a translucent dome of
he performed a power stunt before where he created a force field, so he'll try to do the same and buffer the effects of their explosion.

Yellow RM Feat:
Dice Roll:
d100 Results: 64
telekinetic fielding.

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